Dear friends we lost a good friend rammer

Fred Ramsey aka rammer passed away feb 25 2021
he was 74 yrs old
i became very good friends with rammer .
he has a wife Donna and son Andrew and wife with grandson
they were his life he always enjoyed his family plus he also enjoyed playing eso with us
he was veteran thank you for your service my friend
i truley will miss his funny antics durning coffee runs he was comedian
he was always helping guild mates when he could
he did have passion to ride motorcyles he told many times how much fun he had just riding his bike
we will honor him this sunday at the coffee run march 14 2021 at 100pm est time
God bless you rammer and your family my thoughts and prayers go to your family my friend
you will be miss my brother
thank you for your friendship


Thank you for posting this Smithfire !!


I’m gonna miss that old flirt!

Thanks again for letting us know, Smith!

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Thanks for letting us know. I’ll sure miss him!

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I miss Rammer. I miss his entrance everyday with “Hello Guildies”. I consider every member of OTG part of my Extended Family. The loss of Rammer has hit me harder than I expected. It has really got me down. Almost everyday he got me to smile or laugh about something, those moments are GOLD to me. We had a get together today, and I just couldn’t get on Discord because I KNEW I could not hold it together.

BUT!!! I consider Rammer a friend, and I KNOW IN MY HEART he would NOT want me to feel so bad, he would not want me to be so upset. So FOR RAMMER… I will not feel bad for losing Rammer…I will feel so very happy and blessed that I got to know him, talk to him, and to call him FRIEND. So RAMMER… I won’t say good-bye, but until we meet again… and when ya see me… Just yell “Hello Guildie”…and you can help me get some levels in the afterlife…I am gonna need your help.


me too dear friend, me too. HUGs

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It has been hard writing this, because I couldn’t find the exact words to describe the good times and laughs that Rammer gave to each of us. Somehow, it was easier to sit here and look at my computer and think about all the jokes and puns that he would make us all laugh with. I will never forget my friend who like my wife could finish my jokes and bring yet a love to log into the game. I will miss him but will never forget him rest in peace my friend.
Red aka elders


Fred Rest in Peace my brother. All I can say :frowning:

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So very sorry to hear this