DayZ Players?

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DayZ has had some major improvements recently and after watching some streams I purchased the game. I was wondering if there are any OTG players out there and what servers you play on. I’m looking for possibly a RP and/or KOS zone(s) server where it’s not just griefing, some player interaction would be nice.

I played a bit and it’s really an amazing survival game, probably the best out there right now. I’m hoping to find a great server to play on so please let me know if you’ve found one. Thanks!

Played DayZ when it first started out and was utterly disappointing when the development stagnated then regressed. Last I remember was trying it again about 3 years ago when they added some more of the little bits and pieces you could pick up and found the zombies could see you from miles away through walls and such. Just wasn’t fun. I take it this isn’t the case anymore?

Yeah, it’s had a checkered past for sure.

However, this is a MUST re-try. It’s fantastic.

I’m not sure if anyone watches Twitch or not but TehJamJar just started streaming DayZ again after years and in fact re-started up his old server. Check out a few of his videos, the game looks amazing:

Played it for the past couple of days and yep its vastly improved. I would say most things are working well. haven’t tried building anything yet. Just got to the red zone and have gotten decently armed. Playing on a PVE server however. Still getting shot by people though. Wouldn’t mind hooking up with the some OTG people if we get enough playing this.

I’ve been trying out different servers and it’s difficult to find one that has what I’m looking for. I’d like to find one that has PvP but only in certain areas like military hubs. Also, I think mods like ‘build anywhere’ and ‘no base destruction’ would be nice. There are so many griefers out there that I want to avoid the BS if possible.

I tried some PvE servers and they’re ok but a bit boring. One had a lot of mods that were cool but the lag was horrendous. I’m going to look at the servers again tonight and see if I can find one that has more of what I’m looking for, we’ll see.

Bigred, if you find a good server please let me know and I’ll do the same.

Will do man. Trying my hand at crafting in game, so far only made some boxes to store items in. No way to lock them though so trying to hide them.

Yeah, I’ve buried a few boxes here and there, great for hiding the good stuff lol. I’ve put some tents down in forests too, throw on some camo and they’re hard to see. Once I find a good server (contemplating getting my own but not sure there’s enough interest here to justify the expense) I’m going to build a more permanent base, perhaps wall off a barn or something. I’ve had a good time organizing my tent storage at night, every sound I hear I wonder if someone’s creeping up on me lol. I love the night, especially with some NVGs. :slight_smile:

I looked into the server thing too but its all above my head. I can’t even figure out the cost, what is a slot?

Been playing a day on this server, set locations for PVP, extra loot, so far not too bad but still making my way to red zone.

Well, prices vary depending on who you use. I’ve used Survival Servers for other servers and their prices are reasonable. Here’s some info. It’s not that bad if you sign up for a year. I’m tempted but I don’t see much interest. It’s difficult to find a good server. Either they overload it with mods or they don’t tell you which mods they use. And, there is no auto-install of mods through Steam which is a pain. I just want a couple of mods, that’s all that’s really needed.


I’ll see if I can find that server and check it out.