Daytime Weekday EndGame Adventurers wanted

Looking to form or join with a small endgame casual raider group.

prepare for upcoming lvl 90 Variant dungeons and other non-savage endgame content.
Non-Savage but challenging content for example Normal Raids and 90 Trials, or even running Expert for starters.

Daytime and Weekdays (north america).
Considering Tue & Fri at 11am Pacific / 1pm Central / 2pm Eastern for 2 hours
Flexible on specific weekdays and times.

ilvl 600, completed Endwalker
We have a MCH & a RPR who can learn other roles.
Looking for Healer and Tank or Dps.
Discord is a must.
Interest in gaming with others, likes challenging content but is not a savage raider .

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Weekday Warriors of Light

Tues. & Fri. 2pm-4pm ET

Light party casual raider group

Looking for a Healer or flexible for the right person

prepare for upcoming lvl 90 Variant dungeons
Non-Savage but challenging endgame content; for example Normal Raids and 90 Trials, or running Expert for starters.

Odo, I can fill in as healer for expert runs until you find someone better suited to your goals, if you want. You can message me here or on discord. I have a 610 ilvl AST on Zalera in Crystal and am happy to DC travel.

I’m not a good long term fit for your group as I’m not into raids, extremes, etc. I’m interested in trying the variant dungeons, but dubious about my ability to not die. :slight_smile:

Hi Mosselyn!
That sounds great! We are running Tues. & Fri. 2pm-4pm Eastern Time.
You can sign up here for Tuesday:

and Friday sign ups:

They display in your time zone & a few others, and can be added to calendars and such, so can be handy…

I totally get what you are saying about the type of content. It is right in line with the stuff I am personally interested, tbh. Today we ran 90 Duty Roulette stuff: Expert Roulette, the Endwalker Alliance Raid Aglaia, and the Level 90 Dungeons duty to cap everyone’s weekly tomestones. Corvus and Law , 2 Otg’ers round out the group right now.

It would be great to run some stuff with you!