Daybreak being bought leads to some interesting data

Daybreak was bought by another company, which I consider utterly uninteresting as the forums is filled with different opinions on what that might mean. However, as part of the acquisition a presentation was done which is more interesting:

EBITDA - earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization, is a measure of a company’s overall financial performance and is used as an alternative to net income
ARPPU - Average Revenue Per Paying User

Lot of stuff there. The weirdest thing was the avg revenue of $65 per month per user. Now given a long term subscription is $10 a month, and I think they said only ~50% of users are paid members, that is a significant amount of money. Even with an expansion per year, not sure where that money comes from. I’ve always heard people on the forums talk about the Whales, and maybe that’s it. If they gave the Median, that would give greater context.

From all official reports I’ve read on this acquisition and EG7 in general, it’s painfully obvious they’re only really interested in leveraging the F2P potential to the max. Which isn’t good for us players :frowning:

DDO has some whales (think Otto’s boxes, XP/Slayer pots, bank space, etc).

LOTRO is getting an engine upgrade to coincide with the Amazon series. And in the next year will be another DnD movie starring Chris Pine. Sev (lead developer and Daybreak/EG7 employee) said that DDO may share in some of the upgrade work.

That would be great. Now if they would upgrade the UI alongside it… One can hope :frowning:

They did state that they are aware of the non-scaling UI.

Yeah, but they’ve been stating that for 12 years :smiley: I got the collector’s edition of DDO, and it was already a problem the first time me and my then-still-wife started playing it :slight_smile: