Dates for Alpha

December 18-21 2020 next option

Yes indeed! Dates for Alpha 1 are finally announced!

I know it’s going to be a buggy broken mess but I’m still super stoked to run around in game after this 3 year wait

Watched the latest video dated end of January where they ran around the newest biome. It’s looking pretty good and the vid was unedited so it ended up kind of funny since one guy (the one who said ‘you know’ about 300 times) got lost and the other died while swimming but you could see the world looked like something made with care…just hope the promised gameplay is up to the same quality. Another pre-alpha coming soon followed by Alpha in April.

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Seems Kickstarter funding reduces pressure to release, strict timelines, and regulated to ‘at time’ graphic capability.
Basically, a game anticipated for release late '19 early '20 ( Our Most Anticipated MMORPGs For 2018 ) turns into Alpha still mid '21. Mind you, not Beta… we’re still in Alpha.

The team was gathered '15. Production began '16. Kickstarter bump for $$$ '17… on and on.

Kickstarter is great though w/o the significant pressing return on investment, production drags.

Sure fewer bugs at release… etc though w/o pressured timetables, it turns to catch recent video capabilities, etc.

Love the basis. Dig the game… though get on with it.

/slight rant off. #happyfaceFTW! Haha!

I have played (suffered) through way too many half baked games to even care how long it takes them to get it right.

Most recent, Cyberpunk 2077. Yeah, mostly finished, but even after all their delays and pushbacks, it still entered the world with tons of warts and issues.

So meanwhile go try some other decent games (Valheim) that will hold you over for a while until they can put together a solid finished product with AoC. I am looking for an MMO that can last for years again.


I have been so underwhelmed by so many MMO releases in the past 5+ years, I am also waiting for a well-executed game that can last me for years.

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Got the first week of the new Alpha 1 off. Hopefully there’s no more delays. Would be nice having something to keep me entertained during my vacation without having to spend a bunch of money