Datamined Quest Hints at New Third Evoker Specialization on Patch 10.1 PTR


Your a little behind in posting…

This was announced yesterday along with


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Thanks Trevin :grin:

Lynn if you don’t quit using your arm so much you aren’t going to be able to make it to the wedding. Take care of you!

Whose wedding? Besides, I’m using my left hand/arm these days. More tedious and takes longer.

Prissi told us that you had been planning on attending a wedding this summer but if you shoulder isn’t healed you wont be able to go.

Actually, my grand niece is graduating from HS in June on the 9th. Family reunion immediately after and over the weekend. Not a wedding. lol

I have not seen my sisters and their families since our dad passed in the spring of 2001 and my son’s last visit was in 1995 when I graduated college with my BA degree. We held a family reunion then as well and it was such a wonderful time for all of us.

As for attending, not a problem. My therapist indicated that even though I’ll still be using my sling and bolster, I will have no impediments to my being able to attend. I will just have to let others do things for me so I won’t need to worry about mobility. Traveling with my son will make the trip easier for me. We will be traveling business class on a direct flight from Atlanta to Portland, OR. My youngest sister will meet us at the airport and she has rented a house for the three of us to use during the visit, so no sleeping on a couch or air mattress.

It will be odd not to do much, but I think my sisters are more than happy to make sure I do nothing but enjoy the visit.

That sounds better than a wedding… I hope you have a great time.

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I am definitely looking forward to it. I’ve been in contact with my sisters on and off over the years, but because of the distance and time differences, our conversations are rather catch as catch can. But when we do manage to connect, we end up running our cell phone batteries out, so our conversations are rather long.

Doesn’t match how much more fun it would be if we could link up in person. My youngest sister laughed when I told her I needed a portal door to Oregon so I could come in person. I had to explain that image to her since she is not familiar to Star Trek. But I can get her going if I bring up marine biology…I have to make sure she realizes I’m not as knowledgeable as she is on that subject.