Darktide Rising WH 40K

Anyone playing? This is the second beta that’s open via Steam. I was having a fair amount of connection issues… completing about 50% of my missions until yesterday but it seems to have gotten better since last night because they’ve all been working fine. I’m not normally an FPS type player but I find this one a lot of fun and I’m enjoying all the classes too, for a change. Running a Psyker main but was surprised how entertaining the Ogryn is…bulk of his fighting is melee but at lvl 5 I upgraded from the single shot shotgun to one that does a bit more blasting.
I played both Vermintides but I’m enjoying this way more. Despite some complaints on the forums, the people on my teams have been good…healing when downed and mostly sticking together. Short version: if you like 40K and don’t mind teamwork…give this a look.

I am playing it. I like it.

I love WH & WH40K. Vermintide & Vermintide 2 were both labors of love for me. Darktide is okay. The Vermintide series got me used to playing the 5 characters, and upgrading them so solo play went more smoothly. Darktide letting me make a character feels wrong. Still it does have some similar gameplay features that work. The more common ranged combat needs work, and merging melee so both work together like in the Vermintide games. More variety in enemies, map/tasks, and maybe add a lore friendly fifth Xeno/Mutant class. Overall I like it, but expect the polish/tuning to take time like the original Vermintide.

I play random times, and play each class randomly as well. Hope this maybe a similar play when I can like Vermintide series allowed.

actually I didn’t like having to play premades in Vermintide, but to each his own. :slight_smile:

I disliked the premade characters, but learned to like them for the storytelling aspect they were used to tell. Vermintide 2 multi class system was a decent option allowing for some individual uniqueness. Darktide having character customization is good. It just feels odd breaking from the Vermintide idea.