Dark and Light

Wow, I’ve been gone from this forum for a couple of years, how things have changed. I like the changes I’ve seen so far. What I’m hoping hasn’t changed is our love of really involved games.

I’ve got almost 4k hours in Dark and Light (only on Steam) and I’m still finding things to do. What I don’t have is a mature community with which to play this game, still in Early Access.

There is adventure, crafting, hunting, taming, flying, and boss fights. It reminds me of WoW and Elder Scrolls. The initial code was based on ARK, but it’s slowing becoming very different from it. ARK players have an advantage in that many of the mechanics are the same. The developers started listening to their community of players (only in the last few months) and now it plays differently than ARK. This is new Down Loadable Content coming. It was scheduled for last month, but I’m guessing it will be out in October. The DLC will have tasks and be more like Elder Scrolls or Villagers and Heroes.

Anyone interested?

We played a bit when it first came out… yeah, definitely an ARK clone at the time. Not sure if anyone from that group is still playing it.

There’s a group of OTG people currently playing. It’s on a private server run by Raging Gnome.

From our Discord:
[6:54 PM] Raging Gnome: I have started a Dark & Light server in place of my Outpost Zero server if anyone is interested. I have it through October until I decide to extend the contract. If there is interest I will extend, otherwise let it drop. I have increased XP, Taming spd, Etc to make life less of a grind and may add Mods in the near future… (Creature and building mods)
[6:55 PM] Raging Gnome: Server Name is Gnomeland Security or find it directly by adding to your favs in steam using the IP
[6:59 PM] Raging Gnome: Password Protected, contact me for the password or any other person playing.

So message me for the password :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info, I will check it out.