Daily New World activities

I’ve started a list of things that I’d like to fit in daily, but am wondering if there are some that I am missing?
So far I have:

  • gypsum orb related tasks (solo: topaz potion for topaz, supply cache for diamond, aptitude chest for emerald, opr for ruby) (group if it works out: named/world boss for obsidian, arena for citrine)
  • 3 daily faction quests for double bonus
  • close breaches for 2 of the 500g coin sacks
  • loot carts in faction controlled cities
  • milk cows in cities as I travel
  • eventually do more research on rune chests in brimstone. currently I just get the one SE of Brimstone

Are there other once a day type things that you all do?

refining cooldowns is a big one - even if you buy the raw materials and sell the results its a daily profit at least it has been on legacy since day one. Asmodeum, Runic Leather, Phoenix Weave, and Runestone. Wood usually isnt a huge profit gittering ebony.

Arenas should be part of your daily gypsum circuit do two sirens pretty quick and easy.

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Thank you both!

Lemoni put this out recently…