D2R Coming Soon


Any of you playing D2R in August/September?

Thank You

I never played it, so might check it out…not sure what platform though and depends on what else is out at that time

Pretty sure I’m getting it. LOVED that game.

I never played it either, but am looking forward to enjoying it at some point. I’m not sure I’ll play it at launch. It depends if RL and other games leave room for it.

I wish Bioware would do a remake of KotOR. I haven’t played that either and would love to play an updated version. Maybe if D2R does well BW will consider it. Here’s hoping.

I definitely am, I’ve pre-ordered it. :+1:

The Diablo II Necromancer has been my favorite ARPG class, I just could not take playing Diablo II without widescreen support. I would have been happy with a Diablo II update for widescreen monitor support, this remastering is icing on the cake, for me. :smiley: