D&d ... not online!

Back in the day I was a decent DM and loved playing D&D. Took up alot of down time on those West Pacs.
I was surfing the net and started wondering if anyone knows of any decent programs to DM a game online?
and if so would there be any interest on a PnP D&D online?

You should check out the Virtual Table top forum there have been online games running there for years. The two main programs right now seem to be Fantasy grounds and Roll20. I’m currently playing in Rando Pathfinder 2e game on Thursday nights.


D&D Beyond is a good site for creating a character. A free account can have 6 characters and there is an add in for Roll20 which will allow you to make rolls in Roll20 by clicking them on the D&D Beyond character sheet. You can use Roll20 for free. If you are looking for something to post a simple map and throw some tokens on it, this will work with a small learning curve. There are a lot of YouTube videos to show you how Roll20 works. Please note, both of these have the ability to buy rule books to add more functionality to what the free versions offer.


The Virtual Tabletop forums are great. There’s plenty of activity there, if you like running games as a DM/GM there is usually no problem finding people to play. If you are looking to play some tabletop there are games that pop up to join. I am playing in the same Thursday night as @Mithinar. I also play in a few non-guild games and I occasionally shamelessly leech guild members to fill in spots in my non-guild games, especially now that I am getting back into DM’ing myself. I’ll be running some games for the guild down the road here using D&D Beyond/Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds.

Sooo. You want D&D. Not online. But instead, online! :smiley:

Sorry. I couldn’t resist. And yes, as the others said, plenty of options! There’s also a #virtual-table-tops channel in Discord.

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