D&D Games with Openings (2E preferred but not only)

My son and I are in a weekly game but it’s full and my brother-in-law is looking for one.

Anyone have openings? He prefers 2E but is open to other D&D editions.


I’ve been having a hankering for 2E myself - FGs recently added 2E to its libraries, but pretty pricey for something with limited content.

Now that we have FG, 2E would NOT be as bad as we would think, but would be still quite a bit of work without a hefty investment. I’d say a DM would need the Fantasy Grounds PHB+MM minimum and then DMG, Tome of Magic before whatever adventure content.

I’d be down to play, but I’d prefer not running the game if I don’t have to. I’d want to play FR stuff I never got to experience as a kid.