D&D 5E - Embers of the Last War (Eberron) Looking for Player

I’m about to start up the second half of my Eberron 5E campaign. We’ve lost some players and are down to three. Looking to add one to the group (for now). Our focus is on roleplaying/story though rules matter as well of course but we’re looking for players focused more on the former and not rules lawyers. Not to say we don’t enjoy combat of course! :crossed_swords:

Sessions are on Wednesday, 7-11pm EST. We are currently playing though the Embers of the Last War campaign (which has a lot of investigation and heist type adventures, among other types). We use Discord for voice chat and Roll20 for VTT. Let me know if interested or if you have any questions. Thank you!

I am interested, although if I decide to go back to work 4pm PST might be a challenge if I am unable to work remotely. I am not seriously looking for work at this point, however. Certainly not looking for an in office job even if one does come up. Given that possible issue, let me know if you want to chat more on Discord. :slight_smile:

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I mean you tell me if you think you can be available long-term. We’ve had some people come and go and obviously life happens sometimes (heh) but if you think the time works for you, great!

I’m just (slooooooooowly) waking up. But let’s check in on Discord later. :+1:

Now it’s my turn to slowly wake up. :smiley:

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Sent you friend request on Discord.

I had no idea this forum even existed! I’d love to play, but am already running a game on Wed in this time slot. Good luck, sounds like fun!

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Hey hey, i just want to put it out there that is also be interested in this. I do currently have an ongoing work meeting Wednesday nights between 6-7 pst… so that’s a thing, although my engagement level in that meeting varies from week to week.

Anyways, i could be a bench warmer, Or something?


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Thank you!

Let me see how it goes with 4 people and will let you know!

Actually people may be okay with 5 will try and let you know Monday!

Now that I am thinking about it… so you’re saying if something were to happen to your current group under, say, mysterious circumstances you would be free? Good to know! :smiley:

I would be interested, but not sure if you would be ok with my sometimes being what could be seen as “flakey” due to health issues.

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I would never use the word “flakey” in that situation! :+1:

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For now recruitment is closed… but if interested please post in case we have people drop. :scream:

Poster I made for the final (?) chapter of the campaign…


Beginning of the end last night!

Without too many spoilers… party entered the fortress of the BIG BAD and explored a little encountering some of the crazy creations of the villain. Shorlty before the end of the session they stumbled upon the entrance to his secret laboratory! Entering they found the BIG BAD hovering nearby working on a… device (the macguffin) and he summoned some forces to attack them while… SOMETHING VERY LARGE… started rising out of a “materialization pool” nearby. This all happened in the last 5-10 minutes so next week will start with rolling initiative and the campaign we’ve been playing for over a year may be finished. :exploding_head:

I hope you are going to send multiple random messages to your Players over the next week… Maybe a clip of Dr. Frankfurter saying : Anticipaaatttiiiooonnnnn!!!



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I did tell them I had written up the session recap and was hopeful next week’s recap won’t be something like…

“The party faced THE BIG BAD and his creations. They all died and Eberron was engulfed in flame. Fin.”

Last session complete! About a year and a month later the campaign is done. Whew!

Happy at how tonight went but both sad and relieved it’s over (for now).

Another person is going to be running Drakkenheim (eek) and after that, may do another Eberron campaign (continuation or new one) or something else, we’ll see. For now, I’m going to enjoy (?) the Dungeons of Drakkenheim ha ha

I also am reworking/expanding the session recaps from the Eberron campaign and can post here if people are interested when finished.


It’s so weird. We have D&D tonight and all I had to do was make a character.