Cyberpunk 2077 release date

You can also pre order it now

sooo tight… I think I am going to be sick from work for a week… or so…

Weird. Collector’s Edition seems to only only available for consoles. Or at least there are no stores in the US listed for it on that page when clicking PC. Oh well, I’ve kind of run out of space to display CE statues, anyway.

I loved the Witcher 3, but I still hate preorders. I always seem to get burned, paying way more for a mediocre game.

Anyone else get the PC Collector’s Edition? :smiley:

I’d like to, but I need to cool it on the CE’s for a bit. Running out of places to put all the collectibles.

They sold out in 4 minutes on GameStop from what I heard. I was too busy watching the Discord channel and snagged one immediately. For a guy who hasn’t pre-ordered since GTA: San Andreas and said he wouldn’t ever pre-order again. Wellllll, I broke that promise.

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