Cutting out

Just saying goodbye to my new friends at the ESO chapter of OTG. In the end I can’t do the 65GB patches. I only have 150GB a month bandwidth and I’d have to tell my wife/kids “sorry, no netflix for the next couple weeks becasue I have to patch”

Maybe if their patches were reasonably sized…ah well. Back to LOTRO :slight_smile:

They said today the patch is around 3.5 gig…the whole client I think is 65 gigs. But I could be wrong. I know sometimes it looks like its downloading but often its writing to the disk.

It downloaded about 3GB to begin with, then it updated that and started counting down a a 65GB download afterwards. I gave it 15min to see if it felt real and I was down to 61GB or so left so I pulled the plug. Shame their file management is so crazy.

The 65G isn’t a download, it’s “Applying Patch”. That’s also what it says. Basically that’s all disk actions, your actual download was the 3G.

So basically it needs to rewrite 65G of data on your disk, which kind of makes sense, since it touches pretty much all files there are due to the many updates.

If you want to know exactly what a process is doing, run “Resmon.exe”, then select the process, and go to the disk or network tabs. In Network you can fold out “Network Activity” and see exactly what it’s using.

Thanks for the reply. Unfort. it does actually seem to be downloading 65GB and not just writing. The network’s active and i’m seeing a 1200mb/s stream into my computer. Silly dang thing. I’ll head back in-game if they ever sort out their data management.

You’re running it from the ESO launcher or from Steam? I’ve heard a bunch of issues lately with Steam downloading excessive amounts of data :frowning:

The executable. I got the entire folder from a friend at work on my portable hard drive and the previous patches I ran that exe to patch no problem. This one seems to have gone hideously wrong for me anyhow.

Man that sucks. Any way you can get a slightly better internet plan? Yours sounds pretty restrictive for MMO gaming.

The joys of living in the country and having a wireless ISP. I’m already paying $80/mo for 150GB

I always thought one of the joys of country living was septic tanks! :wink:

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