Current sale

Anyone know how long the current sale is going to last? I’m thinking of changing up some ships in my little fleet, but I’m tapped out financially until next Friday. I have a Carrack, an Orion, a Vanguard Warden, a Mercury Star Runner, a C2 Hercules and an Arrow. I’m thinking of swapping out/upgrading the Arrow, Star Runner and C52.

I really want to trade out the C52 for a Hull-D, the pisser is the Hercules C52 is $360 and the Hull-D is $350 so I can’t do a straight up trade…which I would gladly do and eat the $10 because I can only melt the C52 for $260 since I got it through upgrades awhile ago when it first came out and I guess they jacked up the price. But I feel I would get more out of a Hull-D pairing it with the Orion.

Looking to upgrade the Arrow to something a bit more specialized. probably a Hornet Ghost.

And I’m not sure about the Star Runner; I plan on doing combat, exploration and mining/hauling the most so not too sure the Star Runner is something I really need.

At least I did get a nice M.2 drive during Black Friday for my comp so I can install Star Citizen on that and start playing again and not have to worry about juggling space on my other drives. Woe is me and my sudden fleet indecision hehe.

Dec 5th

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Thanks for the info. And blaaarrgh! Ends one day before I get paid lol…figures.

Well I sort of got what I wanted for now, I ate the $100 and melted the C2 package and upgraded the Star Runner to a Hull C and upgraded the Arrow to a Hornet Ghost. Now I have $185 store credit that I will just hold on to until I have a bit more money and something mid-rangey catches my interest.

Crusader Ares is coming on 12/12, might be worth that credit :wink:

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Ooooooooo yeah I’ll keep my eye out for that.

Kraken Privateer marketplace ship is for sale today.

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Aaannnd it’s sold out already. It is out my price range right now anyhow, like waaay out hehe. Thanks for the heads up.

Drake is my favorite brand as an industrial focused player. I’d really like to own one, however, I already own a BMM and have no need for it. The KP really does look like a floating store / rest stop, but I think having something like a blockade runner might be more fun.

So I made it in under the sold out time. Had the Privateer Conversion kit in my cart and was about to check out…and deleted it.

I think it is a nice idea, but not for me. My Kraken is going to be a mobile base for us to use, something for protection and combat. While I think the Krak-Mart idea is neat and certainly fits in the verse and has a place, it just doesn’t fit my fleet.
I have a BMM for that, and my Kraken will be a safe haven for us. We can use it to launch escort missions for our cargo haulers.

More power to any out there who got one, and is planning to use it as a mobile mart. I think I would enjoy visiting it. For me, having the Pioneer as a mobile construction facility and the Kraken as a mobile base just makes more sense.

I did game the system a bit, but completely legitimately and only by accident. I had a package that had been upgraded more than once that currently had the Carrack, The Nox and the Vanguard Warden in it and was only worth $555.00. But I melted it anyway and with all the credit I got the Exploration Pack with the Carrack, Terrapin, Freelancer DUR, Dragon Fly and TUMBRIL Cyclone plus the same extras the other package had. So I essentially gave up one ship for three ships, exchanged hover bikes and kept the big ship. At some point I’ll either upgrade the Terrapin or the Freelancer to another Vanguard Warden or some similar medium fighter type ship.

I’m actually surprised this even worked out like this, I just happened to glance at the Exploration Package link while comparing ships and my mind started doing the math as soon as it clicked.

I bought a CCU from my 600i to Carrack. Not 100% sure the Carrack is for me, but it’s certainly more in line with my playstyle than the 600i.

Little dissapointed they did not let me upgrade my 600i Touring to Exploration :frowning:

Currently deciding if I’ll spend the $20 for the Pisces upgrade or not.