Curious about what UI people are using

With Dragon Flight promising a redesigned UI, part of me is wondering if I’ll stop using ElvUI … two questions: 1. think I’ll be able to? 2. What MODs are you using for your UI…or do you use blizzards?

Hi there Matt. I don’t use ElvUI, although I have attempted to in the distant past and failed. Currently, there seems to be a mix of who uses what these days. But one of our very own OTG members has created one that might be of interest to you.

NoobTacoUI is an ElvUI Profile that uses the Nord Theme Color palette. The theme is dark, just not as dark as default ElvUI. Download for Retail,Classic or Burning Crusade Classic.

I have been debating on seeing if I can get NoobTaco to walk me through his setup since I failed so miserably when I tried it. It was so intimidating that after a few days of frustration, I uninstalled it. But I did not have anyone I could talk to about how to do the setup and all the videos I watched were somewhat confusing.

Having a guild member create something that is useful and sleekly designed is a plus and since you are currently using ElvUI, it might be something you would like to take a look at.

Note: Tooting NoobTaco’s horn here… :trumpet:

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Hi! I also tried and failed at ElvUI. BUT I didn’t try very hard as I have had addons I’ve used for years. In fact a 5 year absence made very little difference other than updating.

The one advantage that ElvUI has over mine is that it’s one-stop. Whereas I have a ton of addons. My main ones are Bartender (bars) , Sexy Map, Pearl Z (portraits), Move Anything, VuhDo (healing, but I like the look of party and raid, as well as just my health and mana bar. I have a couple other bar thingies, such as the rep/experience bar at the top.

Not as fancy as a lot of folks, but it works for me.

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It will be interesting to see what they do. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them adapting some elements of ElvUI into the default UI. I’ve been using LUI forever, plus about 60 other addons because I’m an addon addict.


I’m also kind of an addon addict … I may need to check out LUI just to try something new…

thanks for feedback everyone!

I use Bartender, it is lightweight and works well.

Just be aware that LUI isn’t updated as often as ELVui is. If you have a bug grabber, you may want to silence it.

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