Crusader Kings 3?

Anyone else playing this, has me hooked lately!

I loved 2 and am currently enjoying 3.

I’ll be getting it soon. Never played the series before but I’ve seen some streams and it looks fun.

Have a couple hundred hours in CK2. CK3 has me hooked for a few dozen hours already.

CK2 w/all DLC - much, much, MUUUUUUCH deeper. But it’s got 10 years of development behind it, so that is expected.

CK3 - I’d say it is about 1/3rd of CK2 + all DLCs And the 1/3rd covers most of the “must have” DLCs. The cleaned up interface really helps with knowing what to do when, where, and why. I’m sure that once they get the DLCs rolling out CK3 will surpass CK2 as the definitive edition in no time.

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