Crowfall guild invite

Can I please get invited back into guild. I haven’t got back on since they did a wipe. Thanks

You’re still a member, they never wiped guilds.

I applied to the guild as VikingSkald.

All accepted. (Most from Discord)

Can I get an invite to the guild?

Name: Crazytd69

Accepted, Zip.

Hello I’m wanting to start crowfall I finally went back to windows from mac. So I can play which game pack do you think is best. I’m also new to the server/guild. I have played wow, daoc, gw, eq, eq2, all diablos and Albion. I would also like to join the guild in crowfall and I can start any character you guys may need to help.

We’ll have to wait for you to get approved on the forums, then you can go on Discord and yell at us there for an invite :slight_smile: Or over here again.

Ok do u know what 1 of the beginning game things is best

Can I get an invite, Name in game Fraytal

@Kullakai , @Noend In order to join a game chapter, you do need to be a member of the OTG Community. If you haven’t already:

Here’s the place to start: Before You Apply… Things to Know
Submit an application here: OTG Application

Thank you!