Crowfall – Dynamic Campaigns Online - Informational Update

Red Thomas at is an investor in Crowfall, and was recently able to visit the game development studio making Crowfall. He gives a pretty good update on the state of Crowfall development:

Yep! It’s all starting to take shape now!

Now all we need is sufficient players in different timezones… :stuck_out_tongue:

So does anyone have any updated insight, without violating any alpha TOS, if this game is still on track to be a stable playable game by the end of the year (launch date 4Q 2020)? Any glimmer of hope? :rainbow: Looks like they are still taking beta signups but are still in alpha. :face_with_monocle:

Crowfall Alpha 5.110.0 came out yesterday, and is the largest release so far in getting from Pre-Alpha to Alpha.

So yeah. Still active, still being worked on, and it’s been playable for a good while.

It’s about 20 pages of change and patch notes :smiley: Estimate for when it’ll be more widely available? Not a clue.

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