Crowfall Announces Beta for August 11, 2020

Crowfall announced that they are starting beta on August 11, 2020:

Do we have our guild registered in Crowfall? There are some promotions going on for guilds until August 23, 2020:


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I don’t think we currently have a guild registered, although I’m curious if it might be worth it.

I have plenty of Crowfall funbucks to at least register a guildname if required.

Would like for some more people to chime in, and we also still wouldn’t have a Guild Leader either :slight_smile:

If you just want to take advantage of the discount*, I created a guild (just for myself): “Lady of the Woods” (LOWLY). You can join and leave as soon as you want. My main, guild leader, is MisterBunny. LittleBunny is my 2nd account (in case I want a toon to hold my eternal kingdom open etc.). [If OTG gets a guild, I’ll join OTG’s guild on my main and transfer leadership to my second account.]

[*Being a guild member doubles the 10% discount to 20% re buying a game package.]

So I know it’s an OTGer, you could let me know the name you’ll apply under, if you choose to apply.

I will have all crafting stations and a general merchant in my EK.

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Jury is still out if I’m playing this or not. I’ve been around almost since it was announced and every time I pop on to have a look I get discouraged and wander off. I don’t even remember if the game now resembles what they wanted to begin with. I think they meandered away from the original plan. I’ll probably just keep an eye on player reports for the time being. I would appreciate anyone giving this a go to write your opinions here and let us fence-sitters know what you think! Cheerio :slight_smile:

Currently we don’t have a leader at all for Crowfall, so that makes creating a guild a bit problematic. We will keep an eye on how the interest in this game evolves with the beta, and see if we can then do something more official.

For now, no in-game OTG guild.

I am currently trying it out, and from what little I read of the game, and had splutty and a few others tell me, being guilded seems to be q requirement unless you just want to craft. I am still working my way to lvl 20 so have not tried the various game options yet. Definitely feels like it has some old school mechanics, default keyboard layout makes no sense. tutorial seemed odd at first and took some pondering to under stand how to use it. Crafting seems interesting but just getting into it. I like the death crow not sure whats its correct name is. I have no clue yet if I wasted $80 yet or not, this was a impulse for me because I have not been gaming for the last couple of months.

Since she has the most Crowfall guild experience… nominating @Neph for OTG Crowfall guild leader! :sunglasses:

Fine print: Thurkan will be required to also have a Bunny name.

I’m on the same page as Rance with “waiting to see” how things develop.

Who are you who are so wise in the ways of science?

Hah! A great classic. King Arthur taught me everything I know, with a dash of Youtube.

Looks like Crowfall extended the beta to 30 days from the date of invite (for non-backers), that’s a plus.

You playing terra?

(answered on #Crowfall in Discord… which is a good reminder to folks to also check there for current OTG Crowfall info) :smiley:

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