Cowgirl Seeks Static Gaming Partner to Roam the Prairie on RDR2 Online!

Are you a bounty hunter who needs back-up? Tired of sitting around your campfire when you could be making moonshine? Me too! I’m new to OTG and was looking for someone to play Eastern time late evenings. (Disclaimer: I’m a super introverted woman who prefers only playing with one person or a very small group, hence my reluctance to just jump into a Discord channel and start chatting.) Message me at Perrie#5886 on Discord if you want to group up. Other games of interest are WoW, LoTR, SWTOR and FO76. Thanks for your time :slight_smile:


I’d be down for SWTOR, but I haven’t played in a while :cry:

Lol, that’s ok, I haven’t played in years even though I was a Founder–just re-started on the ftp a few weeks ago. I love to play healer, doesn’t matter which side. I can re-roll if you would like to start new :slight_smile: I’m usually on about 7 or 8p (Eastern) so just let me know if you would like to play.

What, no ESO? :stuck_out_tongue: You might want to have a look at Lotro…great bunch of friendly people if you’d like some other options!