Cooking cap to be raised to 500--Bring on Ascended Food!

Arriving in game on August 27, 2019.

From the article:

When you reach cooking level 425, Sous-Chef Seimur Oxbone will contact you to check on your progress. Impress him with your skills and he’ll happily write you a letter of recommendation, sending you off on a journey to study with master chefs in every capital city.

While you’re leveling your cooking skill, you’ll also graduate to a better class of tools and raw ingredients. Each instructor will help you obtain what you need, from a cutting-edge oven to high-quality meat and garden-fresh herbs.

I can use that in my RL kitchen. :dog:

Thanks for posting about the update Lupi. I will be keeping an eye on the current cook leveling guides to see who posts first for this new tier.

@GardenGirl The wiki is actually pretty good for this already. It’s not a difficult collection. To be honest, I kind of prefer this “quest” type leveling with a bit of a story to the old way of leveling from 400-500. By the time I got done with my collection for “Gourmet Training,” I was level 492. Others may vary–I let a couple of crafting boosts expire at one point.

The collections are easy enough to follow. The only one that sort of confused me was one step for the charr sub-collection, but I figured it out (and it is explained in the wiki now).

“Gourmet Training”

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