Don’t know if you saw this or not. Starts in a couple hours.

From the Academy Award-nominated director of District 9 , Elysium , and Chappie comes a story set in the rich world of Anthem created by BioWare. Neill Blomkamp (with Oats Studios) and BioWare present Conviction , an Anthem story told in live-action.

I really like Oats Studio channel on Youtube and have been a subscriber for years. They are really pro at CGI and have some very interesting and entertaining videos on their channel, I just wish they made videos more often. I don’t play Anthem but this was a cool looking video, although some of the action is so fast I cant really tell what is going on.

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After watching it made me realize it was more of a trailer than a short story well apparently EA changed it also to say it was a trailer not a short story cuz it didn’t make any sense.

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Yeah although it was awesome it was also a let down because it’s a trailer not a short film. I look forward to more