Controller VS Mouse via Diablo

So I do not have any experience playing Diablo with a controller. People have told me it feels great, even more so in D4. Now I understand the importance of comfort when it come to a controller, but I cant imagine how it is not a nerf to many abilities to play this way. Does a Barbarian have to do his triple leap quake in a straight line? Do you have to place your AOE just in front of you instead of anywhere on the screen?

Controller people please enlighten me!

I love a controller for a lot of games, and honestly the first time I picked up D3 I was turned off by click to move, but I cant imagine using one here. My wife will be playing with a controller too, should I be jealous or should I hope she can keep up?.

Bit late maybe but Here is my take.

Long time Diablo player from D1 days and way too much D2.
Then D3 and when D2 Reseurected came up I played that (with mods of course).
Then D4 beta on Playstattion 5 and then on PC too.

So I have a good mix of mouse and controller experience witht he game versions that support such.

Yes, the game is quite playble with controllers. Both on PC and console.

HOwever, it is true for sure that some spells and actions are far more accurate and well placed
when using mouse.
Some examples. Flame wall placement, Hydra placement, Teleportation can be annoying to place
where one wants with controller.
Barbarian Leap is another.

Other classes can have similar issues with certain actions.

That said, I have MANY hours of enjoyable game time on Playstation with D3 and the D4 beta .

If I had worries of click based irritation of older fingers and tendons and wanted to enjoy the game, I’d not
hesitate someone to use a controller and have fun.

IMO the controller implementation in D4 is better than the controller UI interface done in D3, insofar
as menus go and the like.

I did preorder D4 for my Playstation.
I"m holding off on D4 for PC for ‘reasons’.
I might go for it post launch, shrug.

Bottom line D3 thru D2R and D4 are quite playable for controller user. Mouse is ‘better’ yes but not to the degree it would stop me from playing if I had clicky finger issues,etc.

For someone who is slightly controller challenged, I found the mechanics of all the classes to feel pretty good if not great. I played all available classes to level 20. This was using a regular Xbox One controller and the default Steam Deck controls.
For reference I’m a long time mouse user on PC. My controller skills are way behind my ability to game with a mouse. In D4 beta, I played half the time on PC and half on my Steam Deck. For that reason, I switched to controller to have a more seamless experience between the two devices.

Thanks for the responses guys. I totally get wanting to use a controller for consistency when switching between platforms, and I understand feeling more irritation with a mouse (for me its in the wrist).

I guess I was fishing for ways the controller may be better. For instance, in Children of Morta the right thumbstick aims and fires your primary ability at the same time, you do not get that with a mouse.
Someone did say picking up loot in D4 is way nicer with a controller though.

The more comfortable aspect of the controller seems to be the biggest boon for it, but in D3 I used a gaming mouse that I could map all my combat and movement to and played sitting back in a recliner. I was quite comfortable and had a free hand to sip my scotch.

I dont know. I think ideally I will have a class or two I play with a controller, and the rest with a mouse. I will have to feel them out for myself.

With the game being cross platform, i think controller will feel best for me. That way if I’m playing on pc, steam deck or xbox, it will all be the same for me.