Control Choices

So been away from this for some time. Thought I’d jump in and take a look around. How has the game evolved for flight? As an old time flight sim guy, I have a decent stick but at one time I read mouse and keyboard are better controls for Star Citizen.

What is your setup and how is it working for you?
Anyone using TrackIR?
What about a voice command solution like VoiceBot?

I use a Warthog stick and X56 Throttle with thrustmaster pedals.
KBM is not the best unless it is the best for you

Thanks Simdor. I never got a good set of peddles. I used a stick with yaw controls by twisting. I braked with keyboard instead of toes.

Friend of mine uses GameGlass on a tablet for voice control.

I’ve not been playing SC because the UI makes me want to kick puppies :stuck_out_tongue: