Contemplating Returning

So right now I can’t find the right MMO… I always enjoy a good MMO and a good shooter, well the shooter I’m with Buzz, Kana, Dallas, Mister X, and a few others in CoD…so that’s covered.

I’m contemplating on returning to WoW, but is Shadowlands worth it? I quit back about 2 months after Shadowlands was announced and got my cape up a few levels with the protection versus whatever the shadow realm debuffed you with. I had Shadowlands pre-ordered, so it was bought and paid for.

I’ve been with WoW since early Alpha Vanilla, so far back that I actually got to play a Goblin Alliance Rogue before they took Goblins away and replaced them with Gnomes on the Alliance. I’m also an avid believer that Activision has ruined the lore and the franchise, it was a lot better with Blizzard. This would be my sixth time coming back to the game. I’ve tried Albion Online, Blade and Soul, Neverwinter, and Crowfall. I like Crowfall, but it’s still beta and getting tired of putting in work then it gets all wiped.

Which side of OTG is more active, Alliance or Horde? Are there any main servers we play on? My main since Worgen came out has been a Worgen DK, but I made him into a Dark Iron Dwarf, but don’t mind transferring him to Horde.

Appreciate the info!


Actually, I had the same concerns you have, but have actually enjoyed it. All the zones (so far) are very different and offer a lot to do. I am currently just following the story quest lines, while picking up only a few of the side quests along the way to finish a zone.

I like how Bliz had separated these out, but have little experience with the higher level things since I am currently only lvl 58. Since I plan on raiding with Prissy’s group, I decided to push my lock through to 60 and do what I can to get her raid ready.

But all I’ve experienced so far has really been interesting and entertaining (for the most part). I think you might find it so as well. Just keep in mind that if you get one toon to finish up and complete all that’s necessary, the alt options open up for you which makes bring in alts much easier and less stressful.

For instance, I plan on bringing my hunter through next but now that I know what to expect, I can focus on what I really want out of different zones (outside of the story/campaign questline). Granted you will be replaying a lot on an alt, but you will understand what is coming and will be able to setup your alt to the best spec to enjoy.

@Dasde. I’m not currently playing (trying to get a grip on some other stuff I’m doing), but… I did get to play a bit when the pre-patch dropped. IMHO, there are a lot of options this xpac. You can level up your toons in a certain xpac (Chromie time), example: level a hunter from 1-50 in Outlands (Burning Crusade) or Panderia (MoP). You can turn xp off it you want to stay in said xpac or leave it on and level very quickly to play into the Shadlowlands xpac.

Shadowlands offers different Covenants to join, each are supposed to be different, plus the Torghast Tower is always changing and that can be played solo up to 5 total players.

So, more variety, more choices, and maybe more control over what you play, how you play it (fast/slow), and you can’t beat playing with OTG. From watching our Discord channels, it seems both Horde and Alliance have a lot of activity. Since I play Alliance, I can’t definitely say that we’ve grown and have a lot of activity going on. Prissy is still running her Misfits of Mayhem on Friday/Monday nights. We also had some static Mythic groups, and I think Hyrik was running the war front battlegrounds (when they were active for the Alliance) on Tuesday nights.

Edit: I think has an interesting guide. Same with wowhead if you want to read about it first. I was going to post a couple of links, but it’s probably better if you go the the front page of each site and read whatever you find relevant.

I can’t wait to get back to it. All the best! Mid

Lyn and Mid have offered some great advice.

I love this xpac. Much more than BFA. The difference in zones is particularly well done. Good story lines, too.

We are steadily getting more people on Alliance side and have been for some months.

Activity - there really is no way to tell which side is more active than actually both sides doing a report on numbers playing. However, Alliance is on Discord much more than Horde. Not that is a gauge, but best I can do without doing a report.

Feedback and what I’ve seen tells me it’s about equal activity wise. Alliance, as mentioned above, is the more social group, especially in Discord voice. Horde is generally quieter and prefers to chat in game, so each chapter has a very distinct feel. I suggest you pick the one that fits you best based on your personality and your favorite races. I think you’ll be happy with either choice this expansion. I know I’m having a blast.

Alliance Servers: Alterac Mountains, Balnazzar, Gorgonnash, The Forgotten Coast, Warsong, Anvilmar, Undermine, Xavius

Horde Servers: Kul Tiras, Bladefist

The guilds themselves are on Kul Tiras & Anvilmar/Undermine (if that matters to you), but any connected realm will do!

(Server reference:

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So I reupped and got all my AddOns updated, I’m stuck on Tichondrious. I want to transfer this guy over, but just curious where the main majority of the guild is at.

Alliance is Anvilmar and Horde is Kul Tiras.

What Juulz said. :slight_smile:

So I had a free transfer and I transferred my main Dark Iron Frost DK to Anvilmar last night, took Activision 3 hours to do it. Took me about 2 hours to copy and paste my old AddOn and WTF folders, then update all my AddOns to include downloading Greenwall, and then set everything up the way I want again.

I’m already all set up with Discord, have been for a few years now…well since we started using it. My DK’s name is Ðasde with the “D” being alt code 0208.

I’m just not sure how to setup Greenwall, haven’t used it in years. I thought it was broken for a bit. Only other deal is getting an invite in game. I’ll get online later tonight after work.

Thank you and looking forward to Shadowlands! I made it to Bastion already and am almost 52. Taken out 2 rares already too, solo.

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@Dasde great! Welcome back. I hope you enjoy the x-pac as much as I do.

Greenwall works out of the box, so nothing to do there.

You were on our inactive list, so I moved you back to active. Just find an officer in-game for an invite. :slight_smile:

See you in-game.

Well I may be active in game, but it’s the holiday season…that means there’s eggnog and tom and jerry’s, so I may be in-active at times out of the game O.o lol

Thank you!

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Seems you fit right in with this crowd perfectly.