Console Games? Last Time I Ask - Promise! :^)

Don’t be too hard on this old OTGer (redundant?). I just posted a ‘new’ topic in both the MS console and PS console forums regarding any currently popular OTG console games. After posting, I remembered I had posted similar topics not that long ago. When I looked them up today, I see that there have been zero replies to either topic. (I subscribed to both of them. I guess the reason I forgot about them is because I never got notified…due to zero responses of course. Heheh.)

Anyway, should I take this as an indication that there are basically no OTG-active games on either console? !? (I’m particularly interested in PS4, but either would peak my interest.)

I’m still interested in PC games. And I do understand that PC gaming is OTG’s primary area of interest. But I guess I’m surprised…almost shocked…that there is near-zero interest in console gaming from such an avid group of gamers.

I’d really appreciated hearing from you guys regarding this topic. I will move on…I promise not to ask the same question again. Heheh. But I just wanted to put this topic to rest…in my own mind anyway.

Thanks for any input. :^)


P.S. If it might help, I’d consider some sort of leadership role in certain games, especially ESO.

I know we have some anthem, ESO, and Destiny guild players on PS4. I myself only play the PS4 exclusives so my collection is rather limited. Without crossplay, we tend to get involved in a single platform.

I know a lot of us play Assassin`s Creed:Origins, RDR2 is also really popular and the latest Spiderman was supposed to be really good too

Is there a way I could contact any of the ESO (PS4) OTGers? Even if there’s not a full blown chapter, just interacting with OTG friends occasionally would be great.

I am looking at playing Borderlands 3 when it comes out. Not sure on which console since we have both. Mostly play solo or with wife split screen on console. Don’t have any of the online subscriptions so…