Confirmed unconfirmed rumor about names and preorder bonuses!

Here’s the screenshot, now we just have to see what actually takes place. If it holds, then the name problem is as we feared…but the preorder bonuses are all account bound so good news there! :smiley:

EDIT: found a clearer source for the screenshot

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if true … having names locked globally and then opening up servers based on time zones is the dumbest thing i have ever seen. This is even worse for the EU servers as this will give them the hardest time even getting into their own servers with the rest of the world banging on their door just to reserve thier names for a sever across the world.


I didn’t even think of that! oh boy…would it be evil to try to log on just for that then get back off? :smiley:

but what if you got your name on an EU server, and then even after deleting the character it wouldn’t work on the US East server…

On second thought I will wait and roll the dice for US East

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Well the fact you(we all) are logging in through Steam to access the game, my guess it is going to know where you are and it will prevent you from actually logging into the game until your zone allows. So since it will know I am connecting through East Coast to Steam, It probably will not allow me to log into New World until the 8am or whatever time it is thus preventing me from trying to log in early to grab a name on a different timezone server… but that is just my interpretation.


I’m not going to worry, I have a handful of names I have handy if it turns out my preferred one gets taken.

  1. What is “a short period of time?”

  2. EU is 5+ hours ahead of east. Reserving there is probably NOT “a short period of time.”

  3. Can you leave your named character on EU and still use it to create on East?

I guess you will have to create a toon when EU opens, and delete it minutes before you plan to roll a toon on East.
Or, we will see a lot of creative spellings like “J4n3 d03.” (Jane Doe)

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Might have to check that with my NORD VPN.

this is all unconfirmed !
from what i have seen on YouTube/ twitch streamers that have talked to NW CM’s that then asked devs .
if you go to EU and make a name there it is locked to your ID (steam id?) for 90 days
so you can log into EU make a character (you don’t need to wait in Q to play just make the character then log out) then when your server goes up delete the EU character and remake them on your chosen server.

there is supposed to be clarifacation on this later today so we will see , but for now if you have a common (maybe not so common )name it’s best you wait for EU t go up and make your character there.

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this is right from AGS
be ready to hit the EU servers if you want your name saved

Hey there everyone! I am part of the New World Community Team and I wanted to provide an official update.

We have seen some confusion regarding character and company names and how they work for New World. We were looking at ways to make this smoother for launch, but we aren’t sure it could be a quality solution by then. We have ideas on how to address this if you happen to miss the exact name you are looking for launch, and we’ll keep you updated on that.

We understand folks are frustrated and wanted to provide as clear a response as possible:

  • Names within New World are currently global, meaning first come first served and are locked to an account for a short amount of time even after a character is deleted
  • Company names are also global but are not locked to an account, once a company is deleted, removed, or renamed the name becomes available immediately

We understand there is a desire for some players to lock in your character name as soon as possible. It is possible to do this by creating a character on any available server. It is not necessary to enter the game when you do so, just creating the character reserves the name. The character can later be deleted and the name will be available to your account after a small (approximately a minute) delay.

We also see a lot of questions about the Pre-Order bonuses. All of the bonuses from Pre-Orders are account bound, so even if you create a character to reserve your name and then delete said character you will still be able to use your Pre-Order bonuses on the server you are going to call home.

Thank you for your dedication to New World and the excitement for launch! We’ll see you in New World!


great, at least now we know! I’m out of likes again for another 8 hours, but consider this liked :smiley:


I mean, this is basic stuff man. :man_facepalming:

it is basic stuff , i dunno how something so simple eas made so crazy difficult .
at least you don’t need to wait in Q .
just make a random face put in a name (or 2) and head back to bed.

this seems to be 2AM EST BTW

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They don’t want us to get ANY sleep lol

Well I guess we take a nap, then get up and play on EST :smiley:

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My plan is to log into EU, reserve name, and go to bed for a few hours.

Wut? Lol. What a mess.

Well, if we want our Company name… it’s log into an EU server, level to 8. create a company, log out until we can play our real toons in the U.S.

How does creation work? Do you need x amount of people? Can 1 person do this?

i doubt anyone would take the OTG company name , besides it’s only 6 hours before we get on NA servers. plus arint we a LLC or something ? it would be an infringement that could be argued for at least.

Company names, as I understand it, are per region. Also, our guild name is trademarked.

they are NOT per region.
They are Global just like names and are not saved to accounts like names.

taken from my post from above…

  • Company names are also global but are not locked to an account, once a company is deleted, removed, or renamed the name becomes available immediately

If player names are locked to an account for a minute, they are essentially no different than company names; except for 1 minute.

If I create a EU name and delete it right before I attempt to create an NA east one, I still have to wait a minute before the name releases. That minute is the cooldown for character deletion and name release. A player will need to delete that EU character within a minute of creating the new NA east one to ensure the name isn’t taken. That’s if you can figure out how early they will open the NA east servers (you may get a hint on how early EU opens).

again the names are held for much longer then a minute (90 days) the name is relesed in about a min FOR YOUR ACCOUNT ONLY.
you even quoted it .

The character can later be deleted and the name will be available to your account after a small (approximately a minute) delay.
so you can create the character delete the character go to bed wake up for NAEast and still have that name locked in for your account.

Would you post the link please to the info that names are held for 90 days.