Concerned about the removal of Bonus Rolls

In the blue post about the removal of bonus rolls they mentioned that the Great Vault will take the place of bonus rolls for multiplayer endgame content progression. What about single-player endgame progression? Bonus rolls are currently one of my primary means of gearing at endgame because it allows the reward of items not on a world boss’ loot table. I’m concerned that people like me will fall through the cracks and not be able to gear ourselves very easily - or completely - at endgame.

I suppose the argument could be made that I won’t need gear progression at endgame because I won’t be doing any content that would require higher level gear. People like me who don’t do multiplayer content will have to become satisfied with a lesser level of “heroic power” than we’re used to being able to achieve. It will keep people who don’t do multiplayer content from becoming overpowered for the non-multiplayer content. If I end up not enjoying this, I’ll probably migrate to another game - maybe back to ESO.

What are your guys’ and gals’ thoughts on this?

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I may be missing something here. Aren’t bonus rolls only usable in multiplayer environments now? So removing them does not impact a solo player who does no group content. And as mentioned, if one does group content (where the bonus rolls could be used) there is the vault as a mechanism to generate a chance at something ‘extra’.

Since Loot acquisition is supposed to be reduced & randomness of upgrades eliminated (Titan forging), bonus roll removal shouldn’t be a huge thing. You are also no longer grinding a certain resource to purchase a weekly token.

Bonus Rolls only allow for another attempt at the Boss Loot table, you are not able to receive something they wouldn’t drop in the first place. So if the World Boss doesn’t drop it this week, you will have to wait till it is back up again.

The only content I currently do that I get the bonus roll option for is world bosses. Although that is technically group content, it’s not PvP or Mythic + and I doubt it would count as “raiding” in Shadowlands, although I could be wrong. Maybe world bosses are considered raiding since they generally require a raid-sized group.

I could swear I’ve gotten items not from a world boss’ loot table in a bonus roll, but I could easily be wrong. Thanks for the reality check.

The website is asking me to post one long response instead of several small ones, but my brain can’t handle that right now. I’m already teetering on the dangerous edge of overwhelm.

So, I don’t know what titanforging and warforging (or whatever they are) are and how they relate to randomness. Since they’ll be gone soon, I don’t care about understanding them.

Bonus rolls ONLY give you an extra chance of loot from that SPECIFIC boss.

Further, the loot table for world bosses has been getting smaller anyhow (only 2 pieces per boss per class in Uldum/Pandaria). So the removal of bonus rolls may slow down gearing somewhat from that source but the stated intent is for less, though more meaningful, loot. I don’t think it is worth stressing about. It is a relatively minor change in the scheme of things.

Okey dokey. Thanks for the feedback. I’ll look forward to enjoying the new loot experience. :slight_smile:

Titanforging/Warforging allowed for loot items to upgrade when you won it much like the way you could upgrade the Benthic Gear in Nazjatar with Mana Pearls.

For example: You won a ilvl 385 Glove. It had a chance to increase in ilvl and had a behind the scenes “titanforge” roll. If it succeeded, the item increased to 395, it then re-rolled behind the scenes, if it passed it went to 410, and so on and so on till it failed the roll & you received the final ilvl piece. There was nothing you could do to help the outcome, it was totally random. There was also chance for the item to receive a socket or a 3rd ability like Avoidance, Leech, or Indestructible.

Since there was a “chance” for better gear, people would farm a boss over and over hoping for a better item. By removing this feature, people wouldn’t be forced to continue grinding for sake of grinding.

Does this mean that the “almost any piece of gear you get can drop as an upgraded version” is going away?

Titanforging resulting in an ilvl increase was eliminated when the Corruption Effects went into effect.

That opened another whole bag of worms…corruption wasn’t guaranteed on any piece, then the actual corruption power you received was totally random.

An item

A) Could have Corruption or it Could Not
B) It was Corruption A,B,C…totally random
C) It was Rank 1,2, or 3…totally random

So they eliminated an entirely random loot ilvl increase with another completely random loot effect

They “fixed” that by saying your gear from your weekly Mythic+ Chest was 100% guaranteed to be corrupted (still random on effect & rank)

They “fixed” that by allowing us to purchase the desired corrupted effect & rank from Mother with Echoes of Nyalotha. (These are on a bi-weekly swap out, with all ranks available every 4 weeks roughly) So if you didn’t have the Echoes when it was available, you might have had to wait 4 weeks for it to return to the vendor.

They will “fix” this by eliminating all corruption effects when the pre-patch hits the Live Servers (maybe next Tuesday??)

So we all will get a huge dps nerf when the level squish goes live. Azerite Armor & Essences will still be available thru level 50, much like how Legion Legendries were still active at the start of BFA.

Thank you so much for the explanation. Wow, I’m amazed at how much of the game and it’s changes I’m still unaware of after playing so much for so long. This is why I try to stay in the kiddie pool. (smile) I will never be able to “git gud”, as the adults like to say.

Wow, I didn’t realize the random ilevel upgrades had gone away. I’ve still been doing world quests hoping for them. Next xpac I’ll have to figure out where to avail myself of such info when it releases. Good to know.