Coming to Lost Ark

Im gonna check out this game when it drops … looks fun and right around my kinda style

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Me and several OTG friends will be playing at launch.

I am in, will start on 8 Feb.

I will be playing casually. How long I stick with the game, like any game, depends on the grind. :slight_smile:

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I’ll be there on the 8th as well.

I’ll be there for sure, head start and all. We’ll see how much of Dying Light 2 I have made it through in the 4 days between the release of that game and this game. :smirk:

Feel free to come join us in discord (#lost-ark under GG-ARPGS) too :slight_smile:

Picked up a founders pack and ready to play!

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Already have the founders pack and will see you guys on the 8th!

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I’ll be “working from home” this Tuesday. As fate would have it…I too have the founder’s pack.

Will be playing at launch. Love these types of ARPGs.