Coming soon "New source for Essences"

Here is information regarding essences that I found interesting.

“With the next regularly-scheduled weekly maintenance in each region, players who have earned a given Rank 3 Essence on one character will be able to directly obtain that Essence from MOTHER on any subsequent characters.”

You can read all about it here.

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The cloak quest alone should have been the requirement to unlock the Rank 3 from mother…now i have to grind another currency? It will be interesting to see how much i need to acquire one to see if it makes sense for the new 120s to have any shot of getting screen time before Shadowlands

Yea…I can’t keep up with Bliz’s reasoning behind some of the changes (adjustments) they do these days. So far I have the cloak on my lock and my hunter up to rank 5, but to get further I’ll need to see if I can join a group doing the higher level visions.

I did the Org ones last night to get my hunter’s cloak up to rank 5 and used the camo talent. Ended up being much easier than the SW one. Still, most casters will have trouble with them even with the nerf that was recently done.

But having new currencies thrown into the mix just bites.