Coming Fall 2022...Starfinder games

This fall 2022, time and finances permitting, I am planning on running Starfinder games by way of virtual tabletop apps. Games will be for beginner and more experienced players. I will be using a combination of Fantasy Grounds Unity on Steam and the Hero Lab Online site, both of which can be used for free by the players in the games.

Games for beginners will be shorter in overall duration than campaigns and will be a tutorial or sorts to familiarize new players with Starfinder followed by some one or two shot sessions. I will be running these consistently as long as there is interest.

The first campaign for experienced players will be Dead Suns. I plan on running this more than once over time to try and give different groups a chance to play it.

I will run future content as I work groups through beginner content and the Dead Suns campaign.

So if you are curious about Starfinder feel free to ask questions here, I will answer as best as I can and I’m sure others that are knowledgeable about Starfinder can chime in.

Also, please express your interest here for either beginner content or the Dead Suns campaign so I can start putting together a list for myself of who would like to play what in the future.

Well, I’ll be willing to join the experienced group depending on day and time. And if you need a body to fill out the beginning one, same offer.


I would be interested, depending on day/time. I have not played Starfinder before, so i guess noob game for me?

That’s two so far, one for Noob games and one for either/or.

There is a strong possibility I will be using the Foundry VTT for running games as opposed to Fantasy Grounds.

That will make me half a Noob then if you use Foundry. /cackle


I’d be interested in this, depending on which day it’s offered!

I had to resist answering this thread because I didn’t want to be the first person to respond with just a joke response. But if I had responded when you first posted I would have asked…

“Do people actually find Starfinder fun?”

But I didn’t post that. I would have. But absolutely did not.

I’m technically both a noob and not a noob so put me down for either group.

I will thank you for your consideration, much like how I didn’t post right away in the Sunday night Pathfinder thread with something similar like “Do people actually find Pathfinder fun?” :smirk:

I feel that question is even more relevant after low lvl TPK :smiling_imp:

When I get closer to actually hosting the game I will start inquiring about best days/times for interested people.

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I forgot to mention that I feel like I would be best suited to the experienced group, despite certain pejorative statements by unspecified persons regarding my tactical ability!