Colorado Springs Internet for Gaming

Does anyone live in Colorado Springs, Canon City, or Monument Colorado? I will be moving into the area in the next month and need to understand what the challenges are going to be. Recommendation on internet provide would be helpful.

Xfinity cable is what I’ve been using for years. Internet, no TV. Unlimited gigabit running me about $140 a month. I also bring my own modem/router.

Starlink is another option worth considering for gigabit internet at $110/mo. I’ve been using it for two years in Idaho and very happy with it.

I moved away from Colorado Springs last year, but I had 1 gig internet with no TV and rented the modem for unlimited internet at $125 a month.

Which company did you use?

Which side of Colorado spring are you on, Will be looking at a few home in the Payton area, did not see great review over that way.

I live on the SE side. You’ll learn about us from the news. :slight_smile:

If your looking further out but still in El Paso County, I know some folks out in Ramah. It’s on the plains and in the middle of a Turkey refuge, but it seems a pleasant area. The commute is about 45 min to the east side.

Really on concerned about how good the internet going to be that far out. Wife and I are hardcore gamer and I work from home.

I am sorry, I had to read my post numerous times to realize I did not name the company.
This was Comcast Xfinity in the Chapel Hills area. My understanding at the time was that Comcast was really the only game in town if you were looking for gig speeds.

Left Colo Spgs about a year and a half ago. We lived in Peyton/Falcon and had the Xfinity. I was very pleased with them. Costs reported feel about right. 100-125.