Coils of Bahamut Dungeon Runs

I’ll be starting up Coils of Bahamut dungeon runs again on Fridays at 7 pm. We run them unsynched to allow anyone who needs it to experience the wonderful story involved in these dungeons. The entire run takes about 3 hours so please make sure you have enough time for it. I also ask anyone who is helping with the run to please turn cutscenes on because many of them happen without warning and I don’t want people running ahead and killing mobs before everyone is ready. I also ask the people who are doing it for the first time to take your time and enjoy the content; We are taking you through so you can experience the story not skip it. The next run will be Friday, January 21, with another run every Friday after that for as long as it’s needed.


Thanks so much for doing this. It means so much that you and some of the other senior members are so committed to helping us junior folks experience all the content. I look forward to joining one of these runs once I unlock it.

Was just asking Odo about this recently. Used to be a thing way back in HW. Glad to see you pickin up the reigns, so to speak. I will be “signing up,” but I will step aside if the group gets full and there’s people that haven’t done it yet.

So glad you’re doing this again can’t wait!!!

Where do I sign up? I’m in!

No need to sign up, just be available on a Friday at 7 pm EST and we’ll get you in.