[Closed] Princes of the Apocalypse - Sundays 7pm-10pm EST

Time: Sundays, 7-10pm EST, Starting in a couple of weeks. Ending at the end of August.
Setting: Forgotten Realms
Slots: 6


I am interested in joining this campaign. Sunday is a definitely a good evening for me to play, I never have anything going on Sunday evenings.

About me: I go by Ryuken/Ryukan often in gaming. My real name is Andrew. I live in south central Michigan. I live alone aside from my three medium sized dogs: Layla, Tater and Chance. I love prog rock and prog metal. I enjoy sci-fi, fantasy and horror with a particular interest in sci-fi-fantasy. I enjoy cooking a lot of my own meal, hardly ever eat out or order. I’m a political moderate, I believe both parties of the government need to be balanced which will never happen.

I played old-school physical D&D starting in the late 80’s leading up to high school in the early 90’s. Stopped playing around late 90’s/early 2000’s as I couldn’t find people it play with and digital table tops weren’t around yet. I recently picked up D&D again playing the digital tabletop stuff via Tabletop Simulator and D&D Beyond with some non-guild friends and we play Friday nights. I tailor my tabletop playing style according to the terms of the DM/GM and the nature of the campaign be it strictly role-playing in character or a more relaxed setting. I prefer to play warrior/fighter/melee types or fighter magic used hybrids, but I’m also open to playing bards, rangers or cleric/druid types. I’m not a heavy caster player, but I’m very open to playing something that compliments the group based on what other players roll up and then shape the character around that.

I don’t try to derail campaigns or grief the DM or other players. I’m pretty easy-going and open minded. I avoid drama in the games unless it is created as part of the story/campaign/character interaction. I have pretty thick skin, I don’t take stuff personally and I prefer to communicate to work things out rather than argue.

Okie doke! I’ll add you to the list!

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Welcome Aboard!!!

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Thanks all, looking forward to playing with some OTGers.

Welcome to the group. hope you end up sticking around

I’m Interested, I’ll work up a Ranged Battlemaster build I’ve been thinking of.

Well I was going to do a ranged fighter/ranger build with crossbow, but someone beat me too it, may go druid…rethinking

With Deckape and Cappucinoo (non-OTG) joining, that’s 6. I’ll be closing slots. It’s up to you guys to work it out in my discord.

I’ll be going out for my birthday this sunday the 9th, so work on your characters as discussed previously and hopefully we can start next weekend.

Is the Discord for this separate from the OTG Discord? If so I I need an invite or a link to join the Discord specific to this please and thank you.


Yes, Vul has his own Discord area. So he will need to send you a invite. Leave your Discord name/number here and I will post it over on his forums so he can send you an invite.


I am Ryuken#2340 on Discord. Looking forward to a good Sunday campaign with everybody!


I grabbed your id off the OTG Discord and gave it to Vul to invite you to his server.


I could use an invite also…

I’m curious, is anyone planning on playing or Monk (besides me currently) or is anyone playing a Bard?

As Vul noted, I am doing a Dwarven Cleric.

I decided to go with Dragonborn Eldritch Knight.


Can you PM me your character’s background? I’m assigning hooks to everyone and you’re the last one.

Reopening group - For those interested please check in on discord or post in thread.

I’m good to go for Sunday’s, looking forward to getting back at those cultists and maybe tearing that brand of my skin with my Dragonborn teeth.

Here’s a weird mental image for ya, Dragonborn with human teeth.