[Closed] Friday 5E D&D Scales of War - 8:30 - 11:00 pm Eastern

When is the next session?

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This month’s sessions are June 10th and 24th. Please let me know if you are unable to attend.

Sounds good to me

Not sure I am goin gto be able to make it on the 8th. Tuesday I spent almost 12 hours up at the county hospital. Started at the urgent care and was transfered to the ER.
Once I got home, I basically slept over a day… briefly waking to make bathroom runs, then flopping back in bed.

Well, my internet has been down all day as part of a big outage by my provider. Luckily my cell isn’t with them, but can’t run FGU on my cell as I don’t have wifi on my desktop to hot spot to.

Sorry for the last minute notice, but I was hoping it would be fixed by now.

Session cancelled, see you in 2 weeks.

Will we have enough people and are planning on gaming tomorrow?
I was invited to go out with friends so am trying to decide whether to accept or decline.
LMK. Thanks!

@mothak @grapper @Akasa @fenwald @Thantoss

Hi all!
Will we have enough people and are planning on gaming tonight?
Please check in and LMK. I would greatly appreciate it. :grin:


I’m back

I will be making an attempt to be there, but I am on anothe rround of antibiotics cause I spent Saturday night in the ER with an infected tonsil.

I haven’t heard from anyone on whether they can make it or not. I’m hoping for everyone, as tonight sets up the rest of the adventure.

I am talking to you guys about Ruby being reincarnated in a 3.5 campaign.

Here is the race I have chosen for her:

And a spell I plan to use a bit, ESP as intimdation:

Sessions for August are the 5th and the 26th.

Next sessions are Oct 7 and 21.

Tonight you reached the Underdark Library of Gravenhollow, which is kept by Stone Giants as a repository of Underdark history and prophecy. Here is a grand collection of the past, present and future of the Underdark. Think on what you wish to do and ask while you are here, as the Library itself seems to have anticipated your arrival and seems to want to help. Think on what demon lords you’ve already encountered and what you might want to know about their activities in the Underdark. Think also on what your goals for coming here were, and what information Bruenor may need to galvanize the surface world to act. Also think on the reaction the Stonespeaker’s Crystal had when you got close to the library.

Ask you questions here or directly to me in discord. I’ll formulate the answers for you for the next session, or let you know if that information is not available.

Until next time…

Should be able to make those, long as I don’t crash get back from work again …

Here is what I have from the top of my head:

What is the history of demon cults in the underdark?
Has there been any evidence of the working together in the past?
Have there been periods in the past where multiple cults rose simultaneously?
What was the trigger of these events in the past? An object? A prophet? Mystical cycle?
How often have these cults been successful in summoning a demon lord?
Are there known methods to identify, track down and stop these events?

I most lokely will not be able to make it today as i do not have place for a couple days. Hoping i can work something out so i can play. Sorry!

Sorry to hear that bud. Hope everything works out soon. I will do my best not to have any Firbolgs die on my watch.

We missed you again tonight Thantoss! Hopefully everything gets sorted out.

Next sessions are November 4th and 18th.

Game tonight, right?
If all goes well I will be able to stay the whole session, but fair warning, I am about a week out from when I was supposed to have my migraine shot, and I STILL haven’t gotten my hands on it.
fingers crossed

December Sessions 2nd and 16th. Be there or be square!