[Closed] D&D 5e Rime of the Frostmaiden - Wednesdays at 07:30 PM - 10:30 PM Eastern US

Discord + Fantasy Ground Unity. I have Ultimate license so players only need to the free client installed on PC.

Need 4-6 players to RSVP to get started. I want to do a Session 0 to go over campaign background and to do character generation. That could be the 9th of Dec if enough players (4+) are signed up. Backup dates are the 16th and 30th.

  1. Stormin
  2. Vulreyn
  3. Dacheese
  4. Non-Guild
  5. Non-Guild
  6. Mazzus

No one has pulled the trigger on this yet - at least publicly. What gives?!?!?

I, being of sound mind (ha!) and body, do hereby express tentative interest!

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I would be all over this, if I wasn’t already playing in a Rime of the Frostmaiden game.

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Could be the 2 month wait and holidays. But I already have enough players to run with my regulars. Your tentative interest is noted.

I have one more session of my current Eberron campaign to finish. Then Vulreyn will be running 3 sessions of Star Trek while I study the material. So when that finishes is about when I’ll start up. Will post updates as we get closer to actual start.

Looking for 1 more to start on the 9th or the 16th.

1 Spot open. This evenings session will be number 2 and new characters will come in at level 2.

I’m interested. When would the next meeting be? The 30th?

Yes. PM sent with discord invite link.

I’m not in your Frostmaiden group, but just chiming in to say that the group I am playing this campaign with is really enjoying it. We’re only a 4 person group and it is challenging so far, but a lot of fun.

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Definitely. Had a character death in the first combat, as in straight up killed by enemy doing more than max hp in one shot.

Another group that I’m playing in almost TPK’d because we got a high CR from the random table. I was trying to get the group to disengage and run, but the players were too used to having an easy time of it in other adventures. DM definitely nerfed the encounter toward the second half so that we could survive. Hope the players got the hint for next time.