Classes question

I’m back after a multi-year break and was looking for opinions. My enhancement shaman feels great, I read it changed a lot, but it feels the same. Resto is fine for PvP. brought up my priest and rogue for their professions, but I’m mostly just doing world quests for their professions.

I did kill some stuff with my shadow priest and really like it. The new animations are cool, and other than not being great at aoe with it (which I’m sure is me) it is a lot of fun to play and just playing around I managed to gain 3 levels mostly doing world quests.

My outlaw rogue on the other hand I cannot play. I don’t have enough key bindings for all the skills I need. I don’t seem to kill very fast, take a lot of damage and that character started with much better gear than the shadow priest.

I was looking for opinions. Is shadow priest really this fun? Is outlaw better than I think and I’m just too old? Anyone switch to sub/assassiniation this expansion? Is one more fun than the other?

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I love my shadow priest. But I like all my alts. I have fun with my shaman too. My main is a pally. My Druid is my second, hunter & priest, third. The rest my order changes.

Welcome back to WoW.

Outlaw was the only rogue spec not to benefit from the AOE cap that was released with 9.1.5 putting it in a bad spot.


That makes me happy then. I switched to assassination and even with some green daggers I bought off the auction house it played 100x better for me. Thanks for the input!