Clan battles

Hey everyone,

We are in a clan battle this weekend! (March 9th) when you play, please click on the naval battles on the left hand side of your port screen. Click ‘enable’ so that your regular random matches can contribute to our victory.

More details:
We get points for achieving exp thresholds in random battles. We each get 10 chances to earn points. If you play a US CA and no one else has than you only need 300xp to get a point for the team. After that the xp requirement increases.

There are no extra points given for meeting the higher xp threshold that I have seen (please correct me if I am wrong) so try and spread around your type nad nation so we can at least get all the easy points.


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I think this is a thread about clan Naval Battles, so I’ll put this here. :slightly_smiling_face:

OTG passed the Preparation threshold requirement this past week, and we had a clan Naval Battle over the weekend. I saw yesterday that about six of us had been on over the weekend, but at the time I was the only one who had followed the “Enable” step to count my battles towards the 10 allocated to me for the clan Naval Battle. I see today that it was indeed just myself who earned stars, and since I’m a beginner with limited ship options, 5 stars was my contribution.

This is meant as a “heads up” post, not a complaint, the rewards are not lucrative enough to get dramatic over, just touching base in case others want to participate for fun in the clan Naval Battles. :sunglasses:

Kudos to the Wargaming matchmaker, they did indeed match us up against a clan as casual as OTG, it’s hard to be more even than a draw! :smile:

FWIW, Wargaming has announced a change for the upcoming Naval Battles, looks like they are experimenting for two weeks with going away from “base experience” from a battle counting, towards earning “ribbons” being required. Since I mainly do the PvE “Co-op Battle” mode, I’m hopeful that this means I can be successful in contributing in that mode … over the weekend to meet the “base experience” threshold requirement, under the previous system, I had to go into the PvP “Random Battle” mode, since Wargaming doesn’t reward as much experience for PvE as they do for PvP, and the lower tier ships I’m in are hard to cross the experience threshold requirement in PvE.

Changes to missions

Previously, you had to earn XP or deal damage in order to complete missions. From July 1 through July 15, you need to earn ribbons instead. This change applies to both the qualification mission during the Preparation stage and the combat missions during the Engagement stage.

New missions

  • Earn 25 ribbons
  • Earn 50 ribbons
  • Earn 100 ribbons
  • Earn 150 ribbons

Each mission that follows will require players to earn more 25 ribbons.

It looks like what we get is a star each time you cross the required threshold. For example, got one star for the 25 ribbon threshold, which then set the threshold to 50 ribbons for that ship & nation (German BB). On the next battle I crossed the new 50 ribbon threshold and got one star from that battle, too, which then set the threshold for German BB to 100 ribbons.

As you say, getting 140 ribbons for a 25 ribbon threshold did not generate any extra stars or give credit for the 50 and 100 thresholds, one battle will only apply to the current threshold. Which is good in that those of us with more limited options and skill can pick off the low hanging fruit with our attempts, the pros can then use their attempts for the higher thresholds. :slightly_smiling_face:

This weekend’s clan Naval Battle is using damage caused, starts with 10K, then 30K on to 50K as the next thresholds … remember to go to the Naval Battle screen and click “Enable” to allow your battle to count as one of your 10 attempts for a star: :sunglasses:

We’re in another “ribbons” week for Naval Battles, good news for a PvE Co-op Battle preferred player such as myself. :sunglasses:

Looks like they changed the thresholds for stars for this iteration of “ribbons” Naval Battles for clans. It’s now 30, 75, 150, up from the earlier 25, 50, 100 ribbons thresholds. I can see where 50 for the second star was perhaps easier than intended, and 75 makes it a tougher challenge, especially if the matchmaker puts you into a match where you’re a low tier ship.

150 ribbons used to be for that fourth star, now it’s for the third star … 150 ribbons is perhaps for those accomplished players who are running Tier X ships, so they will always be high tier in their matches? :thinking:

The missions can be completed on ships of any tier in Random, Co-op, and Ranked Battles.

ugh…apologies for my poor performance this week. lost most of my chances in ranked sprint battles :frowning:

No worries, appreciate you and AngelsOmega letting us lower tiered, less accomplished, players have first crack at the lower threshold stars, to boost our clan score. :slightly_smiling_face:

The matchmaker was kind to us, as well:

The cycle has come back around to one of the bad weeks for me, the criteria for stars this week is once again “base XP”, which my understanding (please correct me if I’m mistaken) is harder to come by in lower tiered ships and in my preferred Game Mode, the PvE “Co-operative Battle”.

Co-Op Battle
Credit and experience rewards earned in co-operative play are notably lower than those earned in Random Battles.

Random Battle
Credit and experience rewards are greatly enhanced from Co-operative Battles.

I really only have two ships that I enjoy occasionally playing in the PvP Random Battles, so my normally already limited contribution of stars will be lower this weekend. Fortunately, “the rewards are not lucrative enough to get dramatic over”, so while I’ll try to get on Sunday and burn my remaining attempts at any stars that might possibly be within my limited skill and roster reach, I’ll not stress about it. :slightly_smiling_face:

As we say in OTG, “Laid back, not too serious, no drama … all about the fun!:sunglasses:

Logged in to blow my last attempts on any “low hanging fruit” that I might have some ships to attempt with, as well as earn the USS Constitution patch for today’s U.S. Navy Birthday mission. Good to see that we gathered up all the initial stars that require 15K damage, to include @thesuperles sweeping up that pesky “Pan-Asian Destroyers” category. :sunglasses:

I’m thinking that while the PvE “Co-operative Battle” mode is not a good fit for “base XP” Clan Naval Battle weeks, it seems to work out well for “ribbons” and “damage” weeks.

I had a good match in my USS Alabama, the slow firing guns may not rack up a lot of ribbons, but her main battery 16-inch guns do hit hard, and cleared that 65K damage threshold on the last of my 10 attempts. :sunglasses:

Hmmm, looks like we’ve started another week of “base XP”, which will be the 4th one in a row. I had thought that Wargaming moved to a two week cycle for each, may need @thesuperles to exert his influence and nudge Wargaming back on track for some more “ribbons” and “damage” weeks. :wink:

Well done on Naval Battles last weekend. we pulled a great come from behind win