Clan Battles Season 7: Crash Zone Alpha

I saw the ingame clan message that was querying for interest in the Clan Battles, which Season 7 has just started:

I see that for Season 7 the days that Clan Battle sessions are running are:

Gaming sessions are available on: Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday.

After the World Series ends, I’m normally available on all of those days, and for the 4-hour block that Clan Battles are running. I mainly play the PvE Co-op Battle mode, so my PvP skills are weak and will be glad to step aside for a more proficient OTG’er. :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t have any Tier X ships of my own, but I have unlocked the “rental” Tier X ships that Wargaming provides. I would feel most comfortable in a cruiser, personally. :sunglasses:

Do we have 7 people that would be interested in trying to play clan battles. I practically guarantee losses; but most of the good teams will have transitioned into higher guild leagues by the time that we can play.

So, if you are interested, post here.


The World Series is over, I’m available for OTG Clan Battles. :sunglasses:

I practically guarantee that I can contribute to @Qyet practically guaranteeing losses, I have the “rental” Tier X ships for Clan Battles that Wargaming provides unlocked, would prefer to let others helm one of the two battleships allowed, I would prefer to bring a cruiser. :slightly_smiling_face:

I can try to make it to run these. Post what time and I will make it if I can. Have plenty of ships of any type.