Clan Battles: "Loop" Season, WoWs Tier 6, August 2020

Looks like Season 10 of Clan Battles is starting to wind down, I wonder if the proficient players have now ranked up so they would be out of our matchmaking pool, and if there are OTG’ers interested in taking Tier VI ships out and seeing how things are, to hopefully have some group fun and possibly earn some rewards? :thinking:

I don’t know that it’s recommended for Tier VI Clan Battles, but I do enjoy my Tier VI French light cruiser De Grasse, which would be my first choice for Tier VI fun, unless others advise against it. She’s fun in the PvE modes, Co-op and Scenarios, where I hang out. :sunglasses:

If I correctly understand their times, 23:30 - 03:30 UTC should be 5:30 PM - 9:30 PM Central time U.S.A.

FYI, the “Only Once” rewards are from the mission for just entering a Clan Battle. :smile:

I’m game for doing something those nights. I have flexibility for ship types needed.

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