Clan 4 and Consolidation

So been with the clan for a few weeks now and so far only two of us in Clan 4 are active. I want to ask if the powers that be, if they might consider taking all active players from each of the clans and put them into one clan? Hanging the other day with some of the other fine upstanding members of OTG we were talking about how each of the clans have dead members with no hours/lvl. It would be nice to be able to receive clan cashes, and other clan perks, but this will take soooo long the way it stands now for Clan4. Also it makes partying up a lot easier via the clan panel for adventuring around. Please consider such request, I am sure the feeling is felt all around in some ways.

All the best…

Humm, no reply after 3 days.
Guess this is not an option or a thought for discussion.
With this said I ask that my account be deleted as we can not do this from our account settings.
Thank you for the opportunity to share and be a part of the clan.

All the best…

Well, given that your first post was 5pm Friday and this was Mother’s Day Weekend when many people travel, you might want to give it a bit more time for the relevant parties to see this. Or ask someone in Discord. FWIW, I’ll bet you’d find that game leadership agrees with you…it makes sense.

That being said, you may well already be gone. I’ll give you a bit of time before I forward your request to Admins. Let’s say 3 days. :stuck_out_tongue:


True I did not take into account that it was Morthers day weekend, bad foresight on my part. I did already leave clan 4, but if the consolidation was to take place I would not mind the opertunity to be included. That is if I have not already burn the bridge.

All the best.

3 days sounds great ! :kissing_heart:

sorry for the delay, with mothers day and trying to get my garden under control this weekend…

the plan for right now is waiting on the raid update then we will move all the active members into 1 clan… but for right now most members said they are geared up and waiting on the new raid update… but the other 3 clans has low activity also… and after the new content comes out, I can see who is active and wanting to play… other members has said something about this too because it affects the clan rewards each week… hold tight little bit longer

sorry and thx

Sounds good, update happen today and raid should be open next week. Good to know that this is something that has been talked about already. Sorry for my impatience…
Please send invite once all is straightened out.

I am still active in clan 1. I would be happy to see a consolidation of active players. However, until they fix the crashing issues, my involvement in D2 will be limited.