Clan 3 for the division 2

clan 3 will be made on the 15th if we need too make a 3’ed clan, both clan1 and clan2 will be made on the 12’th. With as many people that posted, if your not on the list you will have to wait tell the 3’ed clan is made. I will not bump someone off the list for someone that has not been active on the forums and on discord.

if you have any questions or problems, please feel free tp PM me

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Turn out is fantastic. I certainly didn’t expect this many for a looter shooter and OTG! Awesome stuff.

uplay account

please add me to clan 1, 2 or 3.
Which ever requires me

If there is room, I’m interested in joining a clan… username mattmcgill_otg

yes you been assigned to clan 2 I will have Adoman send you an invite


I would like to be added to a clan , please.
UPLAY name: Megherra

I would like to be added to a clan , please.
UPLAY name: Echo_Zulu

Please add me to the same clan as my wife if possible. She is guild member: Leria - UPLAY: Megherra

I’d like to join one of D2’s OTG clan
Uplay name = KeepSix-OTG


I would like to join a Division 2 clan
Uplay name Trueblade60

MY friend (trueblade60), id like him in same clan if possible


Would like to be added to one of the clans once my membership application is accepted or not.
UPlay: SiliconShock

invite to clan 4 had been send

Received and joined, TY!

looking for a clan invite?
UPLAY username : IIxR3N3GADExII

thank you very much for the invite!!!

I would like to be added to a Clan.
UPLAY: Drogothz

invite send