Claim your annual Freebie - Sentient Gem

To celebrate our 14th anniversary we are giving all of our players a 14th Anniversary Dragon Sentient Jewel!
Here is the Coupon Code to redeem which will place the Sentient Jewel of the Dragon into your inventory:


Code can be redeemed ONCE per Account (1/Account), so make sure you redeem the code on the server you wish to have the Sentient Jewel on. The Jewel is Bound to Account. This Coupon Code can be redeemed through December 31st, 2020.

•Remember this code can be redeemed once per account, not once per account per server. Make sure to redeem the coupon code on the server of your choice!
•This code can be redeemed on the Hardcore server if you want. Obviously be careful if the character dies to transfer it to the right place afterwards.
•This Jewel has a temporary bug where it can be accidentally sold at a vendor. Don’t do that. At the very least lock the item. The item will not be replaced by customer service. This bug will be fixed in the next game update.
•This item, as with all Sentient Gems, is minimum level 20. It can be acquired by a character of any level.
•The voice work is done by the one and only Cindy Robinson, who has done frequently-popular work with us for years now, including Menace of the Underdark, most of our Kobolds, and more. Hope you like it!