CitizenCon Planning Thread

I want to compile all of the information from the various threads where we have talked about meeting up, where and when.

So, if you are attending CitizenCon and would like to meet up with other OTG members please respond to this thread with the times you will be in Austin and available to get together.

Simdor -

  • Tuesday evening before and after the BarCitizen at Maggie Mae’s
  • Wednesday Before the main event for lunch
  • After the main event but later for a late night drink
  • Thursday morning breakfast or early lunch before I drive home.

As others respond I will compile it into a calendar of sorts to see when we are all able to meet up and we can decide where

Tuesday Evening, before the BarCitizen and After.
Wednesday for lunch and after the main event

I cannot predict the exact time I will get into Austin. But, I will arrive sometime after 3 PM on Tuesday. I do not have tickets to Bar Citizen, but would like to meet up with others who are also not going. I will be in in line to get in Wednesday morning with a RateBeer Hat that has a OTG Pin and Spaten Brau pin on it sitting on a portable chair waiting to get in. I will meet with the group for the main event for lunch. I will be leaving the Con at 8:30 when Chris is done speaking and getting as far away from Austin as I can that night and will not be available to meet for a late night drink nor on Thursday morning or later.

Ok so it sounds like Lunch is the best time if we want to be sure to include Toruk.

Anyone NOT available for lunch Wednesday?

If? (Sad face)


How about SINCE we want to include Toruk we should plan for a lunch get together.

sound better :slight_smile:

I am all for that! Thanks Sim! Your last name IS Dor right? LOL

If anyone else wants to exchange phone numbers please message me with yours and I will reply with mine. Leaving 6 AM Monday morning. The trip begins! See ya’ll there soon! 4 more days!

I arrive Tuesday evening (around 5pm), and will take a taxi to the Embassy Suites, about 6 min walk from Long. I do not have a ticket to Maggies, so I’m sort of on my own but available. In the absence of any planning, I’m walking to Terry Blacks for BBQ dinner :slight_smile:

Wednesday, I will be at Long at 8:30 because the line to get in will be long and they often have promotions for those earliest in the door. I plan to be at the event until the event closes, eat at food trucks, etc, but I’m flexible. I do want to hit the panels. Afterwards, again no ticket for Maggie’s so I’m open.

Thursday I’m out at 6am so won’t be doing anything then.

Original plan was for TB BBQ if I recall. Sounds good to me. I should be able to arrive by then.

Oh, and I’m happy to provide my number to anyone that wants to connect. Barring the unforeseen, I expect to be at TB BBQ by, let’s say 6:30pm (no clue how long it takes to get from the airport to the suites).

Just got settled into my room at the LaQuinta on 11th street. Will be at Maggie May’s tonight and then the “unofficial bar citizen” a few doors down after the official event is over. Everyone else getting in ok?

All set. Went out exploring and got caught in a downpour lol

Heading toward the bbq joint early for a drink and because I will have to leave there and be at Maggie May’s for 630. After that event there is an unofficial bar citizen at Vulcan that we can all meet up at. I will try and find the address and post here

Vulcan Gas Co
418 6th street

OK, here is the an as far as I know it. I confirmed with Simdor, cannot reach MacAllen or Profx. Meet up at Terry Blacks 1003 Barton Springs Rd, Austin, TX 78704 ASAP then Simdor will sit off for BarCitizen, then all will meet up at Vulcan 418 E 6th St, Austin, TX 78701 after BarCitizen ends.

See ya"ll soon

At Terry Blacks now. Look forpinkish brown OTG sign by front door or already seated. I am wearing all black, for the occasion LOL, with a beard.

I’m going to catch up at Maggie’s. Just got back to the hotel after walking around. Saw the Capitol building and lots of other cool things!

We made it to Terry Blacks for a beer and some bbq. Mac is on his way, profx is meeting us later.
CitizenCon has unofficially begun!

Just got to Maggie Mae’s!
Look for middle aged guy in a squadron 42 green shirt… Wait. Has a beard…wait. wearing a grey ballcap… Wait, it says All in on the cap. Hrm. This isn’t going to be easy.