Citizencon discussion thread

Yup - here we go. I’m posting this as a watcher, not an attendee. Feel free to hop in and talk about it.

Every year I kinda love doing this because the programmer and developer in me needs to see the technical progress that CIG are making to remind me that the game is a serious technological endeavor. It’s a goddamn Mars landing, and it only gets done one step at a time.

The Adventure Begins

Good reveal of the Carrack. Microtech is honestly my favorite of the Stanton planets from the start in concept, so I’m happy to hear even the small bits of improvement that are going into it. I’m fairly sure that having a NICE place to live in will go a long ways towards enjoying the verse.

Terra Firmer AND microTechnicalities

As I said, Microtech was the one I was looking forward to most. Having the fake-looking NFZ removed in favor of a smarter and less ugly system are two things I really desire. ATC is going to be the basis for many more simulation systems in the game, and it needs more attention.

Loremaker’s Guide to 2949

Mostly a recap of basic facts about the lore - although they did NOT talk much about the ongoing narrative in the last few years that people seem to forget is going on. There’s at least 3 ongoing plots that are feeding into the election - I think they kinda meandered on this one.

Shoot ‘em Up

CIG is doing Battlefield better than Battlefield does Battlefield. I’m really happy to see this, I’ve wanted something like it for a long time, and here it comes. I will definitely play this, even if it’s just AT.

Xenolinguistics and You

We got more information about the Banu here than we ever have. A lot of things here came out about the Banu that we never were told before. Enjoyed it, even if nobody understand the point of lore in anything, nowadays. Damn kids. As an author and a world-builder myself, I appreciate the lore team a LOT.

(Also - we paid for the languages as stretch goals. We asked for it.)

Building a Dynamic Universe


What we saw on screen today is the culmination of years of work. That visualization - that level of REAL TIME interactivity in the game. The fact they can deep dive ANYTHING AND ANYONE in the verse right now. That’s incredible. To see the economic simulation in action in real time - including the simulated actors? I’m telling you all right now - this is the leading edge of technology and analysis in the military and financial industry right now. and it’s in our game. That’s amazing. I want the simulation up and running ASAP.

The Adventure Continues

A good presentation, if not weakened by Glenn’s inability to play smartly and smoothly. Considering the preparation they take with these - the fact that Glenn plays so…so…bad…really makes me want to march up there, get on the keyboard and mouse, and just do it myself.

I’ll be honest - that they showed off a “somewhat tamed” jump point brings the “moving without moving” experience to life in a satisfactory way. But what about gameplay? Where is Data Hauling? Where is Science and Exploration? Are you telling me that you’re going to give people the Carrack in 3.8.x and then they have to wait a year for the gameplay loops and commodities associated with them? CIG said they don’t wanna do that, and the fact that they’re giving us a Carrack without anything for it to do makes me feel like too many people meme’d the ship and we’re waiting on tons of ships and tons of gameplay loops. As someone who doesn’t have one - why should I care?


I was cooling down after the show and thought to myself: “Okay, so what gameplay did they show us today?”. I was very much looking forward to the Locked Up panel, but that isn’t a system I plan on ever touching.

Considering the roadmap - why is there no deep dive on Medical gameplay? Combat? Cockpit experience (which was recently thrown out and backburnered!)? Refining? Scavenging and Salvaging? CRAFTING?

We got stuff on the player status system, which was weakly showed off (I blame Glenn…). We got some indication ATC was going to improve, but no actual gameplay there was explained or shown off…

We got hints about gameplay changes related to persistence - but nothing to show off about LIVING in the verse, which is something I strongly wish to feel in order to pour myself into the game.

I mean - I like the idea of the new SM mode, but that’s not a PU game system. All in all - I feel like the WOW moments were seeing Stanton’s simulation light up was my “imma cry now” moment, alongside the Jump point activating. After I came down from that - I feel like this year is a 7/10. Maybe I’m just tired…

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Yep your right. There wasn’t much about any of the gameplay we OTGers like. CR during the opening I think, said 3.8 was the first iteration of server side streaming. So progress there. Also the presentation went off without a single server crash. That’s progress too. The jump point was taken from a game called x4 foundations. Almost exactly in appearance. So I call that out as cheap. I figured they were going to go that way because otherwise finding the aperture of a jump point to enter was going to be a long process.
As far as general gameplay goes, The basic gameplay elements are still being fleshed out. Until that’s done, I doubt the other professions gameplay is going to get much if any attention. As CR mentioned in his keynote, he implied the carrack was the start of research gameplay. Looking for said jump point apertures. He was talking pretty fast and I missed some of what he said.

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A more interactive process than X, but yeah very X feel to the jumpgate.

finally got around to watching some content. I have to admit that I like the idea of wormholes being more then just a teleport to click on. Exploration sounds like it could be fun but my roots are in industry and trading for this game.

Yea I like the way you have to pay attention to the path. But at some point you get tired of doing that. I heard somewhere, not sure where, that once you traverse a jump point successfully, you can sell the info to others so they don’t have to. I guess that means you only need yo do this once, then it becomes an instant?

There are jump point navigation computers that help assist ships through jump points. They’re of varying quality.

They wanted a system that you could both cowboy and invest in resources to deal with. The Cowboys make data on jump points to be installed into these systems.

No one said there was a computer spot and I didn’t see space for one for it in the pisces. Looks like its not complete yet.

I heard it mentioned that some of those paths will degrade over time and need to be re-mapped. Gonna have to wait for more details on how they want that whole system to work in game. I can see where having to manually fly all the time would be a pain. If you only need to pay a small amount for a jump and slap it into a nav computer, then its really no different than a toll road. As long as the game economy keeps the price in check, It could work.