Citadel forged in fire

They have updated the game a lot and for those that played before it has had a lot of changes you should come and check out.

jammer and I are playing on a private server WnG3 its a PVE server with some boost and a very friendly and active population. since the 3rd when the changes came out for all it has had a normal pop os about 20/40 and max I saw was sunday at 39/40. So please come and join us

I just created a character there ign Noah. It has changed a lot gonna have to relearn it, not sure I’ll have time to be in much today having some work done on the house.

if you need help look for khazdar (me) or drifter (jammer) we are both in the serer owners house which we can add ya too

Ok, thanks I’ll look for you when I get on.

Rolled on here as well. only level 6 after a few hours of playing though…been running around trying to figure out where I want to build my house lol. all the spots I had in mind have already been taken. Crazy how many more people are in game after the patch

oh and loving the gathering bonus on the private server, going to make building a house much smoother…once I find a spot

There is also the massive carry eight he set us to. means you can carry the tons of materials you need to make stuff with the new requirements.

If you need any machines , decon or mana/hp regen I have a spot outside my house with all that. I am to the west of heathclyff castle on that little lake. far west side. white marble.

I just jumped in as well. Thanks for posting the server!

building my base where Mudd has his on our old server…….can’t believe the spot wasn’t already taken with so many on the server

you guys still playing? I have yet to see anyone from OTG that I’m aware of anyway. I’m in the same guild though something like gmwhynot. Managed to hit level 60 and my base isn’t even finished yet lol

ya I went out and saw that monstrosity you made. if you build like crazy you level fast.

I log in every now and again when I have time. but never see anyone on from OTG. I normally play on mon-thur around 10pm est and stop by 11:30pm esy.

and Friday I play late and sat/sun I play off and on all day.