Chromie Time question

On Tuesday I created a Void Elf Priest. I spoke to Chromie right away and chose Legion. I leveled to 50 in Legion. I’ve been very confused. This is what I’ve discovered.

  1. After choosing Legion, there was no way to choose to switch to BfA. I could switch to every other expansion (even the one I was already in). There was also no way to “unchoose” Legion and “go back to the default”, as some people have described Chromie’s missing second option to me.

  2. At 50 I could use the portal to travel to Boralus, but there are no world quests, etc.

  3. At 50 I got a quest pop-up from Magni to get my Heart of Azeroth, which I did, but I don’t know if there’s any way for me to acquire azerite power (I do have an ap bar now).

  4. There still doesn’t appear to be any way for me to switch to BfA so I could open up azerite gear and whatnot.

  5. It appears that this toon is stuck in Legion and pre-Legion expansions without a way to raise her ilevel much above the Legion cap of 50 before entering Shadowlands. My BfA 50s have ilvl 100.

Does this all sound like expected behavior? If so, I might reroll her in BfA so I can have an ilvl close to 100 for Shadowlands. Being gimped this intensely and relegated to old content for the next couple of months doesn’t sound fun to me. I can come back to Legion and do the class hall stuff again later.

I’m just one step away from getting my class mount quest though… I should go ahead and get it. Maybe it will apply to her rerolled sister.

Once i hit 50 i got a quest to speak to aduian in SW that started the quest chain leading to BFA content. once you do the quests from the table on the boat (storyline opening up the 3 opposing faction continents the quest from the dude at the table opened up the WQ’s

I checked the throne in SW again and Turalyon is still on it, so I’m guessing that means I’m still in Legion time. I talked to Chromie and she has no options for me.

Edit: I forgot - Anduin’s been kidnapped. Now I’m more confused.

Apparently it’s happening to many people. There’s a bug that keeps some Alliance alts from being able to start BfA.

At least you can open world quests on the ship. That helps.

Macneel, somehow I am not surprised. Bliz is trying something new and had no way to know in advance that something like this would happen.

I suspect it will be a simple fix once they figure out “who put the comma in the wrong place in code” which borked the entire line of code. /joke :joy: But it will probably be some time before someone on that search team actually stumbles over the issue and shouts out “aha!”

I rather doubt it will have a work around as it seems like its baked into the game and will need a hotfix patch to rememdy. Just when things seem to start going well, there will always be a clog in the wheel that burps. :rofl:

The issue has been fixed. See the post Mac linked above.

So glad my prediction was off base. Much better to have it fixed sooner rather than later. wooptido!!!