Chick-fil-A manager fixes backlogged COVID-19 vaccine drive-thru: report

In chat this evening Aerythe was discussing how smoothly her vaccination drive through experience was. This brought to mind the story about a Chick-fil-A manager helping the vaccination site streamline their operations and fixing the back log and bottle neck the site was experiencing.

I thought it was interesting enough to share.


Wish he would come down to Austin. Friend sat in car line for 3 hours. Was told that it would be ‘at least’ 3 hours more. He left.

Like it that the mayor can call on the chick-fil-a manager for help. Pretty sure our mayor would have no clue.

Maybe email him that article? Do you think he would take the hint?

Honestly, this is what makes America great. The talent and desire to volunteer, when unleashed, can solve just about anything.